How To Use Decorative Pea Gravel in Your Landscape

Decorative pea gravel is one of the most versatile landscaping and gardening materials on the market.

It has an extremely broad range of applications for both commercial and residential properties, and professionals make extensive use of this handy material in many different situations.

If you’re looking for new ways to use decorative pea gravel, these ideas will help you find exciting and creative applications for this essential product.


Decorative pea gravel is an excellent material for walkways, particularly if you’re going for a more rustic, rural-inspired look.

Pea gravel supports efficient and effective water drainage, making it a particularly strong choice for high-traffic commercial and residential walkways, especially in climates that tend to get a lot of seasonal rainfall.


Paving a patio can be expensive, and it may not create the kind of look you’re after. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense to leave patio areas covered with grass, especially if you’re planning to add recreational features, like an outdoor dining area or barbecue pit.

Decorative pea gravel is a cost-effective and versatile solution for your patio. It absorbs the impact of heavy foot traffic far better than grass, yet isn’t anywhere near as expensive as finished pavement.

Pea gravel also helps you maintain a natural look, something many people strive to create in their backyards.


Attention to detail is what separates good landscaping from great landscaping, and decorative pea gravel is an ideal material for edging applications.

It provides an easily maintained and cost-effective supplemental element, helping draw attention to central landscape features while supporting drainage and weed control.

Water Features

If you have a swimming pool, or if you’ve added outdoor water features to your property, decorative pea gravel is well worth considering as a bordering element.

It provides an ideal base for the ground around fountains, as the design of many fountains can make lawn maintenance in the local vicinity difficult to maintain. Decorative pea gravel is also a low-maintenance alternative to concrete.

Marine hobbyists also regularly add an inch or two of pea gravel to the bottoms of their aquariums. It’s an inexpensive and attractive way to create an environment that mimics that of the natural world.


Pea gravel is easy on car tires, offering excellent shock absorption and drainage characteristics. That’s part of the reason it is one of the most commonly used materials in residential driveways.

As an added benefit, pea gravel supports safe and careful motion in your driveways, as it discourages people from traveling at elevated speeds.

It’s also far easier to maintain than pavement or asphalt, making it a more cost-effective and convenient choice.

Mulch Replacement

Finally, pea gravel can also be used as an alternative to mulch in gardens and around plants. However, before applying it, you should do your research to make sure it won’t affect the health of your plants to cover the ground they depend on with gravel.

The water permeability of pea gravel generally supports the health and longevity of plants, but some plant species will thrive more fully with mulch or natural surrounding elements.

Choosing a Decorative Pea Gravel Supplier

When considering various suppliers of pea gravel, it’s important to take several key factors into account.

First, consider whether or not the supplier makes their own pea gravel, or whether they source it from a third party.

Choose a supplier that manufactures their own products whenever possible, as they will offer advanced expertise along with prices that are generally lower, given the absence of markups and middle men.

Next, also think about your own needs; what quantities do you need, and are you able to pick it up yourself or do you require delivery? If you need bulk supplies, or if you prefer your decorative pea gravel delivered, then it’s vital to find a supplier that offers flexible, convenient and affordable delivery services.

Not all suppliers do, and when it comes to landscaping supply companies, customer service makes a major difference.

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