How Can I Use Bluestone in My Landscaping?

Bluestone has long been a key component in landscaping in various uses for over a century. The natural coloration and texture of the durable stone, its attractive and visually interesting properties, and its availability make bluestone a great option for improving your landscape.

Bluestone is extremely versatile and can be used to create or enhance any landscaping theme, by offering a touch of elegance or romance to your home. As bluestone can be utilized for a variety of decorative and practical functions, we wanted to address 3 of the most popular uses of bluestone in landscaping.

Bluestone Paths & Walkways

The use of bluestone for paths and walkways creates a unique and stunning effect for a landscape. The look can be customized, based upon your specific desires and needs.

Whether you’d like a path leading to your front door or a winding path through your gardens to a bluestone retaining wall, you’ll find a variety of beautiful bluestone materials to make your landscape perfect.

Bluestone Patios

Bluestone is the perfect material for creating a gorgeous and natural looking place for friends and family to gather. As in the case of paths and walkways, a bluestone patio can be customized to your exact specifications.

You’ll have the ability to choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes of bluestone pavers for the surface of your patio. Not only is bluestone very beautiful in appearance, but it is known for being extremely durable.

Another key advantage of bluestone – especially natural cleft bluestone – is that it is naturally slip-resistent. This improves safety during rainy periods, or for use around swimming areas.

Bluestone Steps

Installing steps in either the front or back of your property is another great way to make a difference in your landscape.

In sloped front yards, a beautifully constructed bluestone staircase can replace old and broken down railroad tie steps or a steep elevation grade. Not only does this offer a sophisticated and upscale look to the home, but it also makes it easier for guests to approach your front door.

Bluestone can be used in both the construction of the stairs themselves, as the treads, or as both. Bluestone treads look stunning and work well with a number of other materials for building steps, such as bricks or other thin stone veneers.

Your Bluestone Landscaping Project

In order for your bluestone landscaping project to go off without a hitch, it’s important that you work with a stone supplier who can offer you great advice and provide you with superior bluestone products.

Braen Supply has been working with NJ homeowners on their bluestone landscaping projects for more than a decade. We are passionate about connecting our customers with the best bluestone available at wholesale prices.

We have a wide range of bluestone materials available for your landscaping needs. You can visit our Wanaque, NJ location to see many of our offerings in person. We also offer bulk delivery of bluestone to all of NJ, NY, PA and CT depending on the volume.

Our team of experts would love to speak with you about your upcoming bluestone project.