How A Belgard Belair Retaining Wall Can Modernize Your Home In NJ

As a homeowner, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that your property continues to look fresh and modern throughout the years. Not only is maintaining excellent curb appeal important for your own happiness and well being, but doing so also ensures that you can get the maximum value out of your home. If you’ve been feeling like your home’s landscape is a bit lackluster and dated, it’s time for an upgrade. The Belair Wall collection by Belgard offers a simple, affordable and highly effective means of modernizing your home’s exterior.

Characteristics of a Modern Landscape

When we talk about modern landscaping, what do we actually mean? Lush green lawns and sprawling vegetation have been the hallmarks of traditional landscaping, and while green is still chic, modern homeowners are favoring less of it. According to HGTV, today’s most stylish landscapes feature a good balance of plant life and stone or concrete walls, stairs, patios and walkways – often with metal or wood accents. In addition to this, a modern landscape should be simple, sophisticated and free of clutter. A modern landscape is obviously a great fit for modern style homes, but they are also fabulous when juxtaposed against more traditional architecture. Ultimately, this can make even the most classic homes appear more modern and exciting.

Belgard Belair Wall Collection At-A-Glance

The Belgard Belair Wall collection is a perfect fit for any homeowner who is interested in updating their landscape. Belgard is a top designer and manufacturer of excellent hardscaping materials, including wall blocks. These faux “stones” are carefully engineered to look and feel just like natural stone while being manufactured from modern, durable and affordable concrete. Because the blocks are produced from concrete as opposed to natural stone, there is a much higher degree of control over the quality, consistency and uniformity of each block that is sold to homeowners like yourself. Consequently, it’s simple to achieve a clean, sophisticated and clutter-free wall design for your property. The Belair Wall collection, specifically, features soft, neutral colors blended together for beauty, clean lines and rugged texturing. The combination of the geometrically shaped blocks and the ridged and rippling textures make for a truly modern and upscale contrast that will intrigue and delight you and your guests. The Belair collection can be used in designs featuring straight lines, sharp edges, or even curves. This versatility makes it a great option for all landscapes.

Benefits of the Belgard Belair Wall Collection

The Belair collection from Belgard has grown very popular throughout NJ and the northeast, and it’s easy to see why. There are numerous benefits associated with working with these attractive and agile blocks. For starters, the blocks are designed with aesthetics in mind. These are not your grandma’s cinder block retaining wall materials; they’re crafted and engineered with intention, and their look is very “now.” It’s easy to create a modern look for your landscape with these Belgard blocks, pairing green space with “stone.” Whether the blocks are used to construct a retaining wall or a planter, you’ll enjoy the look of contemporary balance. Beyond this, Belgard Belair materials are weather-resistant, durable and long-lasting. This means that your wall or other landscaping features won’t become weathered and worn down over time, thus detracting from the modern vibe you worked so hard to achieve. Instead, your Belair Wall blocks will continue to look fresh and vibrant at all times.

Top Uses for Belgard Belair Wall Blocks

So, how can Belgard Belair Wall blocks be incorporated into your landscape in a way that allows for truly modern design? Here are a few of our favorite ways to improve the look of your home with this stunning wall collection:

  • Retaining Walls – One of the most common ways that Belgard wall blocks (especially those from the Belair collection) are used is in the construction of functional and aesthetically pleasing retaining walls. In addition to preventing erosion and preserving the integrity of your landscape, these gorgeous blocks will create a more modern and appealing look for your entire property, giving your home a much-needed facelift.
  • Raised Planters – Just because your modern landscape features hardscaping elements like Belair Wall blocks doesn’t mean that it can’t also boast a beautiful garden. These wall “stones” are perfect for building raised planters and flower beds.
  • Tiered Landscaping – Get more out of your outdoor living space by leveling off areas of your property and creating tiered landscaping with the Belair collection. The sleek, clean look of each tier will add a modern a appeal to your landscape as a whole, and you and your loved ones will be able to get a whole lot more use out of ALL of your land instead of just small sections.
  • Stairs – Belgard wall blocks can also be used to construct beautiful and upscale staircases. Whether the steps are leading from one tier of your landscape to another or are welcoming your guests to your front door, the Belair collection will provide the modern flavor that you crave.

Achieving Your Perfect Look With Belgard Belair Wall Blocks

Because Belgard wants homeowners to be fully confident in their landscaping decisions, the company has developed two unique project design tools. As you begin considering your options for upgrading your landscape, we recommend that you check out Belgard’s Project Visualizer. Here, you’ll be able to upload a picture of your space and start playing around with different Belgard materials, like Belair Wall blocks in order to see how they’d look within the scope of your property. This will immediately give you a sense for how modern and sophisticated your home can begin to look with these unique blocks, and you’ll be able to easily figure out which colors and shapes will look best within your space.

Beyond the Project Visualizer, Belgard also offers Authorized Contractors and their clients access to Belgard Design Studio. This interactive 3D design tool allows you and your contractor to enjoy full renderings of your landscape upgrade before you ever start breaking ground on your project. This will give you the freedom to play around with the design and layout to make sure that things are “just right” before you begin work. After working with these spectacular tools, you’ll feel confident in your design choices and ready to turn your dreams into a reality.

Working with Belgard Belair Wall Blocks in NJ

Could the Belair Wall collection from Belgard be your ticket to creating a more modern and beautiful landscape of your own? As a Belgard Authorized Dealer, Braen Supply is more than qualified to help you make the right decision for your landscaping upgrade. Our team of experts is happy to answer any questions you may have about Belgard products, and you’ll have the freedom to take a look at how the blocks look and function in our large showroom. You’ll find that our Belgard materials are always available at the lowest and most competitive market rates. Our materials can be picked up at your convenience, or we can bulk deliver your order to locations throughout most of NJ and parts of NY, NYC, CT and PA.

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