Why Bluestone Treads Are Perfect for Your Landscape

Bluestone Treads NJNatural stone stairways can add a touch of romance, elegance and sophistication to any landscape. While your steps can add these elements they need an additional piece to complete the property.

In order for the steps to truly compliment the property and add value to the home, it’s important that the treads are able to tie the theme of the landscape together while also remaining safe and functional.

Bluestone treads are an extremely popular and smart option as there are various sizes available and it is a durable material.

Whether you’re looking to construct front steps leading up to your home, or would like to build a grand staircase leading from your patio to a flower garden, you’ll find the right bluestone treads to match.

Benefits of Bluestone Treads

Some of the key advantages to utilizing bluestone as the material for your stair treads is that it is extremely tough and durable.

These characteristics make it possible for the treads to withstand heavy foot traffic, and to resist the negative effects of the elements.

The texture of the stone also provides it with a natural traction that helps to promote safety in wet conditions. As a result, the stone treads make the stairs functional during periods of rain, or in areas around swimming pools.

Of course, the attractive coloration of bluestone is another major draw. Depending on the quarry, bluestone may be more of a dark or light blue-gray tone.

These variations make it easier to find a color scheme that will fit with your existing landscape.

As bluestone is available in various sizes, you can customize a staircase to your exact specifications. Bluestone is also an excellent option for stair treads because it can so easily be worked into most landscaping themes and styles.

Bluestone Tread Sizes

Depending on the size of your property, or the intended function for your steps, you’ll need to be able to work with the properly sized bluestone treads.

Fortunately, these stones are cut to meet various sizing needs. Some of the more popular bluestone treads are available in lengths ranging from 4ft-8ft long, 12″ and 14″ wide and 2″ thick.

The Cost of Bluestone Treads

The cost to install bluestone treads will vary based upon several different factors. First, you’ll need to determine how large your project will be. Longer, wider treads will require more of an investment than purchasing the same number of shorter, narrower treads.

The amount of steps involved will also impact price. It’s also important to purchase directly from a stone supplier, as larger retailers who do not produce their own product will need to charge more.

Despite the fact that bluestone tends to be more expensive than concrete cast treads, many homeowners believe that the beauty and versatility of the material makes it worth the cost.

Where to Buy Bluestone Treads

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