The 5 Things We Love Most About the Borealis Slab by Techo-Bloc

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been talking about Borealis Slabs by Techo-Bloc quite a bit recently. You may have found yourself wondering just why we’re spending so much time talking about these specific pavers and why you should be interested in learning more about them.

To clear the air and provide answers to these questions, we’re dedicating an entire post to breaking down our 5 favorite things about Borealis Slabs…take a look!

1. They’re Different

As a landscaping and hardscaping supplier, the majority of the products that we sell are stone and masonry. Don’t get us wrong – we absolutely love stone, brick and veneers! After all, that’s the basis of our entire business.

Even so, it’s really nice to be able to shake things up from time to time. What’s especially great about Borealis Slabs is that they look so different from every other product that we sell – without actually being all that different at the core!

In other words, we get to offer our customers a fresh and unique looking slab that still provides users with the same simplicity, strength and functionality as all of our other natural stone and masonry products. That’s because Borealis Slabs are just concrete pavers in disguise!

The brilliant minds at Techo-Bloc have come up with a spectacular manufactured concrete product that looks exactly like natural hardwood, and we absolutely love it. We get to connect homeowners like yourself with the elegantly crafted hardwood while still staying within a space that we’re familiar with.

This means that it’s easy for us to provide you with information and answers about the “wood” so that you can feel confident that you’re making the right decisions about your upcoming project.

2. They Offer Timeless Beauty

Wood flooring has been used for centuries – both inside and outside of the home. People love the look of hardwood because it’s so simple yet so rich and sophisticated. The soft, natural shades of brown, tan and gray are visually appealing to all, complementing existing features while standing out on their own.

The lines and knots associated with wood facing are a direct tie between our world and the world of nature, leaving us feeling soothed and relaxed. Borealis Slabs may be manufactured from concrete, but they are designed to make sure that homeowners like yourself are able to enjoy all of the timeless beauty that is tied to natural hardwood.

Because the beauty of hardwood is classic and timeless, the Borealis style will never go out of fashion. No matter what happens with different decorating styles and trends in the future, it’s safe to say that people will still have a strong love and appreciation for the simple and subtle beauty of Borealis Slabs.

3. They’re Incredibly Versatile

Borealis Slabs can definitely not be labeled as a one-trick pony. One of the things that we love most about these beautifully crafted slabs is that they are so wonderfully versatile and offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of styling and design.

This means that homeowners will all different tastes, personalities and interests can benefit from the collection. We’ve seen many homeowners work to create traditional spaces that reflect the image of a warm, home-town country cottage or a rustic mountain cabin with their Borealis Slabs.

We’ve also seen people emulate Mediterranean styling and decor by using Borealis as a base. At the same time, many others rely on the smooth, sleek, clean lines and fresh look of Borealis to establish a modern, chic, and upscale space for relaxing and entertaining.

Not only does this versatility mean that it’s easy for you to achieve the look of your dreams, but it also means that it will be very easy for you to switch out patio furnishings, change up the decor, and completely transform the style of your space in the future. Even as your tastes change and evolve, Borealis slabs will still maintain their beauty and value.

4. They’re Budget Friendly

We are passionate about helping our customers to make their landscaping and hardscaping dreams come true on a budget they can afford. We don’t want to see homeowners like yourself become stressed out about money and financing – we want you to be excited about the possibilities ahead of you!

Borealis Slabs make this possible. Compared to natural hardwood and similar products, Borealis Slabs are extremely low-cost and affordable. Because they are made from concrete, you can expect them to last for many years, thus giving you the highest return on your investment possible.

5. They’re Easy to Maintain

Borealis Slabs are extremely low maintenance, which is great for busy homeowners like yourself who simply don’t have the time to constantly be caring for their patios and other areas of their outdoor living spaces!

One of the biggest problems with natural hardwood is that it can very easily become warped or can rot when exposed to high levels of humidity or excessive moisture. Because NJ gets hot and humid during the summer and experiences high volumes of precipitation throughout the year, this means that hardwood isn’t practical for anyone who doesn’t have the time or money to replace problematic planks and boards every year.

Being that Borealis Slabs are made from concrete, these types of problems are completely eliminated. Concrete doesn’t warp or rot, and it’s able to hold up against the elements – even freeze-and-thaw cycles.

In other words, your “hardwood” surface will be able to stay in great shape without any effort on your part. The only things you’ll really need to do in order to care for your Borealis slabs are:

  • Sweep – We recommend regularly sweeping the surface of your Borealis Slabs in order to remove dust, dirt, grass, leaves and other debris. This will prevent these things from accumulating and leaving stains or growing mold.
  • Spray – You might also consider spraying down the surface of your patio with a light stream of water from time to time.
  • Treat Stains – In the event that an area of your Borealis Slabs becomes stained, you should treat the area promptly. Do so by creating a mixture of water and mild dish detergent. Using a soft bristled brush, apply the solution to the stain gently and scrub.
  • Winter Care – Check with your supplier or with Techo-Bloc directly to ensure that the ice melting products are safe for usage with Borealis slabs.

It couldn’t be easier!

Buying Borealis Slabs in NJ

If you’ve fallen in love with Borealis slabs by Techo-Bloc as much as we have, be sure to stop by our showroom today. We can show you real examples of how the beautiful slabs look within the context of a residential landscape.

Because we are authorized Techo-Bloc dealers, we can provide you with all of answers to your questions and offer the lowest prices possible. Our Borealis Slabs and pavers are available for pickup or can be bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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