How to Choose a Bulk Topsoil Supplier in NJ

When searching for bulk topsoil for your NJ company, home or institution, you probably have several questions regarding the best place to buy bulk topsoil, the amount of topsoil needed for the project and the different topsoil types and qualities available.

These are all important topsoil factors for a landscaping project, and they are all connected to knowing how to choose the right bulk topsoil supplier.

Supplier Reputation and Experience

The reputation and experience of a NJ bulk topsoil supplier certainly covers a lot of ground, as it would be.

However, reputation and experience encapsulate the integrity of work and business ethics regarding the type of company which you are seeking for current and, perhaps, future projects.


Ask prospective suppliers for three references. A company’s reputation, after all, is established from the perspectives and experiences of past and present clients. At least one reference should be from a job of similar scope to your project, and all three references should be fairly recent.

If a supplier cannot supply three references to meet this simple criteria, they may not have a good reputation and/or they are not an established company.

Word-of-mouth from trusted sources should count a great deal. If you have heard good things about a company, perhaps from the experiences of a neighbor or family member, however, you should still check references.

Ask your trusted source details of the work performed, whether a simple topsoil delivery or more detailed involvement in a landscaping project, and if your trusted source would hire the same company again.

A company’s reputation extends to the integrity of aboveboard work ethic and business practices. You may be surprised how many landscaping and topsoil supply companies are fly-by-night outfits with no legal business licensing and insurance. You don’t know the quality of service or product in these cases.

Make sure that any company or individual you do business with is properly licensed and insured — especially if the supplier delivers to your business, organization or home.

You do not want to be held liable for accidents or damage occurring on your property to either party simply because the supplier you hired is, in essence, operating illegally. You want a professional NJ bulk topsoil supplier with a reputation of making customers happy, rather than one that creates headaches.


A supplier’s portfolio is similar to references. However, a portfolio should not be a substitute for bona-fide accountability checks. The supplier’s portfolio should serve as proof of consistent work over time, since what you are looking for is experience, transparency and quality to confirm the supplier’s reputation.

A reputable bulk topsoil supplier will maintain professional affiliations with reputable organizations in related fields. Some common organizations which a topsoil supplier may belong are the same organizations which contractors may belong, such as American Society of Landscape Architects and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

More regional organizations for NJ, NYC, PA and CT include The Builders and Remodelers Association of Northern New Jersey (BRANNJ), New Jersey Builders Association and Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) New Jersey Chapter. Maintaining professional industry affiliations supports a company’s dedication to promoting best practices, and staying on top of changing technologies and trends.

The amount of time a company has been in business and the combined experience of the owners and management are important as well. While every company literally begins from day one, you can have peace of mind and the guarantee of a proven track record by going with a company that has invested time and resources with positive results. If your clients are depending on you, you certainly want to go with a company that you trust can and will deliver.

Project and Client Support

Two factors for choosing the right bulk topsoil supplier, and which distinguishes him or her from the big-box stores and lone wolves, are project support and client support. When you put these two elements of a successful company together, you have full support from a projects’ beginning to end. Remember, you want a topsoil supplier which you appreciate doing business with again.

Full Support

Look for a NJ topsoil supplier that employs dedicated and passionate workers. Each contact you have with the company should reflect a commitment to exceptional customer service, and answering any questions you have.

For instance, you may want to know if it’s necessary to buy topsoil in bulk. The company should inquire of the scope of your project, and follow up if necessary, to discern how much topsoil you need.

Ask about options for delivery, pickup locations and before and after-hours service. What is the price differential? Do pickup hours, if desired, suit your own business hours?

You surely want a supplier to be there when you need them. A professional company aims to please, which is how superb reputations are established.

Make sure the bulk topsoil supplier you choose serves the needs of your company, business or residential project.

A good supplier will be consistent at fulfilling the needs of its target clients, whether local, interstate, commercial or residential. No matter how big or small your project needs may be, you want assurance you will be provided superb service.

If you’re a contractor, consider the scope of the typical project of your clients. Consolidate your expenditures and save time by working with a supplier that can fulfill other services you may require, such as mason supplies, painting and landscaping hardware.

Topsoil Types and Quality Assurance

You may find a supplier that offers seemingly fair prices and possesses all the attributes you require. However, if the topsoil is lacking in quality, nutrients and the right ingredients (or contains chemicals and debris that shouldn’t be present), you may not fare well with your clients, organization or your home garden. Following are types and qualities of fine topsoil.

Three Topsoil Types

Topsoil is used for a number of purposes, such as home gardens and landscaping, planting beds, golf courses, athletic fields, grass seeding and any landscape of a business, school or place of worship.

While there are technically many types of topsoil, they are generally categorized as follows.

  • Sandy topsoil – a higher than average mix of sand. This helps with vegetation that requires extra drainage.
  • Loamy topsoil – the typical topsoil people see. It contains about equal amounts of clay, sand and silt. It’s great for conventional lawns, gardens and planters.
  • Clay topsoil –  as the name suggests, has a higher mix of clay which helps the topsoil retain moisture. Clay topsoil is generally used in more arid regions than NJ, NYC, PA and CT.

Topsoil Quality

Topsoil is defined as the top layer of the earth’s crust at about 2 to 8 inches in depth. The quality of topsoil varies widely from region to region.

The quality of topsoil you buy in bags or bulk for landscaping for growing vegetation largely depends on how it’s processed.

  • When choosing a bulk topsoil supplier, make sure they carry screened topsoil. The screening process removes rocks, roots, glass and other debris that can be harmful to you and your landscaping.
  • Only purchase topsoil from reputable suppliers. Otherwise, you never really know what you’re getting. There may be chemicals and other harmful contaminants in the soil that pose health hazards to humans, vegetation, insects, bees and animals.

Trust Braen Supply

Lastly, in your search for quality bulk topsoil, talk with more than one NJ company to see the true value for considering the reputation, experience, knowledge and service of potential suppliers, and the quality of bulk topsoil and other products they offer.

Consider the value of bulk topsoil pricing and delivery to meet your needs. If you’re not sure how much topsoil you need for your client or your home, use our easy materials calculator to get a close estimate.

Better yet, contact the topsoil experts at Braen Supply. For more than a decade, we’ve helped countless contractors and homeowners meet their landscaping, masonry and construction needs by providing top-quality products and exceptional service.

Our dedicated team will be happy to discuss the scope of your project and answer any questions you have. We offer bulk topsoil delivery across NJ, NY, PA and CT.

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