Boulders for Sale in NJ

Boulders for Sale in NJKnown for making a dramatic impact on the appearance of their environment, boulders are available in many distinctive color and style variations. Many NJ homeowners decide to use boulders at their homes for a wide variety of reasons.

They are often used by homeowners to mark property lines, offer a seating area amongst their flower garden, build a retaining wall, divert traffic or to give a dramatic contrast to their landscaped areas.

These are only some of the most popular uses of boulders as they can be purposed for almost anything.

Being in the landscape supply business for more than a decade we’ve found that there are a lot of people who look for boulders for sale in NJ. However many times they are unsure of what kind of boulder they want and how they’d like to use it.

Our team of landscape experts decided to breakdown some of the most popular uses and where you can find boulders for sale in NJ.

General Landscaping

As you see them in nature, boulders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These large boulders are often used to simply accent an existing landscape. It is popular to place boulders throughout your landscape to give contrast to the delicacy of a flower garden or other landscaped area.

Even smaller boulders or cobble stones can be used to form the border of a walking path or any other type of landscaped area.

Smaller boulders are also often used to create an edge that will contain decorative mulch or stone. When you place large stones along a landscaping border they can give the area a far more desirable appearance than that of a traditional border material.

Marking Property Lines

Boulders can offer a secure border to define the boundaries of your property. Larger plots of land can make it difficult to know exactly where your property ends and neighboring properties begin.

Garden Seating

Boulders can be machine leveled, flattened and smoothed to create a beautiful, one of a kind seating area for visitors to your garden or other landscaped area. Often homeowners will place these stone benches in the vicinity of an active water feature.

This placement offers a serene, relaxing environment for visitors to your garden or flower bed to enjoy the scenery. There are a wide variety of boulders available that can be artistically altered into a garden bench.

Building a Retaining Wall

When properly erected, a retaining wall can be a distinctive addition to a landscaped area. While adding beauty, retaining walls also lend an element of functionality to the area where they are placed. A properly constructed retaining wall can be used to hold back the earth from encroaching on an area where it is unwanted.

These artistic walls can be constructed in a number of fashions. One of these styles is the dry laid retaining wall. This type of wall is built by stacking a series of somewhat interlocking boulders, forming a freestanding structure.

When constructing a dry laid stone retaining wall, as the name suggests, the boulders are placed without the use of mortar. These stones are held in place by the gravity provided by their sheer weight.

When a wall is built in this style, the most important factor is the way in which the stones are placed. These walls are built with just the stone and a crushed aggregate behind it for drainage. No mortar or cement is used in the construction of a dry laid wall.

If you are considering building a large stone or boulder retaining wall at your NJ home or business, we recommend speaking with a local contractor or landscape supplier.

Traffic Diversion

Boulders can offer a unique and beautiful perspective as a traffic diversion piece. Many people simply place these boulders in areas where they prefer not to have automobiles parked, like in front of their home.

Boulders can also be used to form a path which directs traffic to the desired parking location. When strategically placed, these large boulders can also offer protection.

When placed in high traffic areas, a boulder’s sheer size and weight can be used as a barrier to protect your property from wayward vehicles.

Boulders for Sale in NJ

As one of the largest suppliers of boulders in NJ, the team at Braen Supply would be happy to assist you with all of your boulder needs. We’ve worked with countless NJ homeowners on their boulder projects and have seen incredible results.

We offer boulders of all shapes and sizes and would love to assist you with your upcoming project.