Bulk Mulch in NJ

Mulch has several important benefits that merit its inclusion in many types of landscaping and gardening projects.

First, it acts as a natural insulator, helping trap heat in the soil to promote healthier plant growth. Similarly, mulch also helps soil retain moisture, inhibiting evaporation.

Many types of mulch also ward off pests, including weeds and predatory insects. Mulch also adds a great deal of esthetic value to gardens and landscaped elements.

Bulk Mulch NJ: Spot Top-Quality Mulch

Quality characteristics vary according to the type of mulch you’re using; some products have a bulkier consistency, while others are finer. In both cases, they key is to make sure that the mulch is primarily composed of the type of wood or base ingredient it claims to be made of.

Manufacturers looking to create inexpensive products often cut corners when it comes to ingredients. These mulches are usually replete with fillers and other low-quality base materials that dilute the product. This leads to inferior performance; you won’t save money because these mulches won’t get the job done.

The best way to ensure you’re getting the best mulch your money can buy in NJ is to buy the product from a wholesale distributor, who can answer any questions you may have about its composition characteristics.

If you’re serious about results, it’s always better to shop with a provider who specializes in garden and landscaping products.

Bulk Mulch NJ: What Kind of Mulch Do You Need?

Here is an overview of the three most commonly used types of mulch:

  • Natural mulch consists of untreated organic components, including wood chunks and bark. This type of mulch is usually brown in color and not dyed.  This type of mulch is recommended if you’re looking for a biodegradable product that will break down relatively quickly, adding nutrients to the surrounding soil.
  • Red mulch is named for its color; these mulches have been treated with environmentally safe dyes which enhance its visual appeal.
  • Black mulch is just like red mulch, only dyed black with environmentally safe dyes.  It adds a darker look to your landscape that red-dyed mulch cannot provide.

Bulk Mulch NJ: Choosing a Supplier

Finding a reputable supplier of bulk mulch in NJ requires careful research.

Generally speaking, you should look for four key characteristics:

  • Extensive knowledge. Many third-party suppliers simply lack the specialized knowledge needed to help customers choose the ideal mulch for their intended application. It’s always better to buy from a supplier that can provide helpful advice based on experience and know-how.
  • Commitment to customer service. With some providers, service stops the moment the sale is made. Delivery and drop-off options are restricted, when they’re offered at all. If you need bulk mulch in NJ, you need a company that offers flexible and convenient delivery options.
  • Quality. Needless to say, the quality of the product is one of the most important considerations you’ll make.  Wholesale distributors tend to sell top-quality mulches at competitive prices.
  • Value. Remember, value isn’t about getting the cheapest product; it’s about getting the best possible product for the lowest possible price. When you buy bargain-basement mulch, you’ll usually sacrifice quality. Instead, look to buy directly from wholesalers, since they cut out middlemen distributors and have lower overheads.

Bulk Mulch NJ: Maintaining Your Mulch

Your maintenance needs will vary considerably, depending on the type of mulch you use. Mulches made from natural ingredients will add nutrients to the soil as they break down, but you will need to maintain these sites more frequently.

During the warm-weather months, make a regular visual inspection of your mulch to see if it is maintaining its appearance and integrity. In most cases, you’ll only need to apply shallow top-up layers during the spring and summer.

When the cooler weather arrives in autumn, experts recommend reapplying mulch to protect perennial plant roots during the winter, then applying another full, thick layer in the early spring.

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