Where Can I Buy Boulders For My Landscape?

Boulders For Your LandscapeMany homes and businesses choose to make a bold statement with the use of decorative and functional boulders in their landscapes. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, each of these stunning stones can work to draw attention to various aspects of your property, while also serving functional and practical purposes.

If you have never worked with boulders in the past, you may feel intimidated by the prospect of doing so. Depending on the area that you have to work with, as well as your current landscaping layout, you might be unsure as to whether or not the stones would overwhelm the rest of your yard.

Some of the most common questions we’ve come across about using boulders in a landscape are:

  • How can I determine where to situate a boulder on my property?
  • How many boulders should I invest in?
  • How big should each boulder be?
  • Where can I purchase boulders from?

These are all natural questions when taking on a landscaping project. In this guide we will discuss the smartest ways to use boulders and the best places to find them.

Using Boulders in Your Landscape

There are a number of reasons why you may be considering introducing boulders into your landscape. Not only are they stylish and attractive but they can also work as functional elements of your property. To get the most out of your project you must take the time to plan what purpose you would like each boulder to serve, where the stones will look best on your land and how to make them appear natural. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Boulder Functions – Before you can begin to consider boulder sizes or where to purchase them, you need to think about why you would like to include them in your landscape and what purpose they will serve. Boulders can be implemented for visual appeal or for a functional purpose. Some home and business owners, for example, make use of large stones and boulders to direct foot and vehicular traffic. Each boulder might work to deter visitors from traipsing across your grass or flower beds, or to encourage pedestrians to follow a specific path. A boulder that has been flattened can look beautiful and be very practical as a bench for a garden. Boulders work wonderfully in the construction of water features and water falls.
  • Boulder Sizes – Now that you know how you would like to utilize your boulders you can consider the sizes that are needed. For securing a garden from wild animals or directing foot traffic you may need larger sized stones to achieve your goals. If you are hoping to stand out even more, you may be looking for a very large boulder that can be surrounded by plants and smaller boulders and stones.
  • Boulder Arrangements – Regardless of how large or small you would like your boulders to be, you will need to strategically plan how to arrange the stones in your landscape so they look natural. When finding boulders in nature it is very rare to find just one stone situated all by itself. Depending on the purpose that you hope your stones will serve, you may consider arranging a group of boulders together, in various sizes.
  • Boulder Scaling – Although a boulder and other large stones will do an excellent job of attracting interest to your property, you do not want the stones to completely overwhelm the rest of your landscape and its features. Instead, each boulder should work to enhance what already exists on your land. The best way to make this happen is by carefully considering the scale of each boulder as compared to other aspects of your property. A tall boulder, for example, may look strange and out of place on an otherwise flat terrain. To remedy this, you might surround the stone with tall plants, or an array of smaller boulders. The startling look of very large boulders can also be counter-balanced when they are placed next to tall and established trees.

Where to Purchase Boulders

It is only after everything has been planned out and well-thought over that you are truly ready to move forward with your landscaping project and purchase the stones that you desire. The work, however, does not stop here. In order to get the most value from each boulder it is very important that you take the time to seek out a supplier that offers a wide range of high quality stones that are available for purchase at the most competitive rates possible.

You may find that big box stores do, in fact, sell boulders for decorative and functional purposes. Be advised, however, that this is not the best way to go when handling a landscaping project. Many of these retailers don’t make the bulk of their sales off of the sale of stones; this is only a fraction of their business. As a result, they will not have the large variety and selection that you require in order to create the landscape of your dreams.

In order to get the best possible deal, it’s in your best interest to buy boulders directly from a stone supplier that has its own quarry and has a large selection for you to choose from. This will ensure that you are able to find exactly what you are looking for while spending as little money as possible.

When you are searching for a boulder you shouldn’t fall in love with the idea of finding the perfect stone. The beauty of adding a boulder to your landscape is that the irregular shapes and sizes provide a natural look and feel. Explore the options available to you with an open mind and you won’t be disappointed with the end result.

Braen Supply has a wide variety of boulders available in varying sizes and colors. Speak with a Braen Supply specialist today to discuss adding boulders to your landscape.