Kearney Stone: The Best Online Guide

kearney-stone-guideIn order to construct an attractive and long-lasting landscape, you need the highest quality materials at the best prices. For many contractors and homeowners, this means purchasing Kearney stone.

Unfortunately, those who don’t do their research could end up getting scammed when they set out to buy Kearney stone. By taking a few moments to educate yourself on the characteristics of genuine Kearney stone, what it can best be utilized for and tips for purchasing it, you can rest assured that you’ll get the most value from your project.

Kearney Stone Characteristics

Its versatility, attractiveness and durability are just a few of the many qualities that compel people to buy Kearney stone for landscaping projects. With a high percentage of quartz grains, Kearney stone appears to be a quartzitic sandstone. Kearney stone, however, is coarser grained than quartzite.

Occasional grains of impurities, such as iron or clay, can be present in Kearney stone, but the lower the percentage of impurities present in the stone, the more resistant the stone will be against weathering and the elements.

Fortunately, Kearney stone is believed to have originated as a beach deposit, which means that the grains are well sorted, both minimizing impurities and maximizing strength. A high silica count also contributes to the integrity of Kearney stone, as it increases the rock’s homogeneity and makes it more difficult to cut or split.

True Kearney stone will have a light, bluish-gray tone, and the high-silica content ensures that any risk of color changes as a result of weathering is kept at a minimum.

How to Spot Fake Kearney Stone

Although it’s unfortunate, there are scammers who are looking to take advantage of contractors and homeowners by selling fake or low-quality Kearney stone. Typically, these scammers will post online ads that offer landscaping materials at incredibly low prices. In general, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

In order to avoid wasting your money, it’s best to buy Kearney stone only from reputable suppliers who are fully licensed. When purchasing stone in bulk, you should always insist on receiving a written quote – especially for orders that exceed $200. An established, trustworthy vendor will be more than happy to provide evidence of their license(s) and permit(s), and to draw up a proposal for you.

Kearney Stone Uses

Because of its rustic appearance and resistance to weathering, Kearney stone is best used for outdoor applications including:

  • Stone steps –  Kearney stone steps are often used to bring a sense of naturalness to a landscape. These steps work beautifully in gardens, as a path to a terrace, in city parks or as the front steps to a home or business
  • Treads – The size, aesthetic and ease of cutting make Kearney stone a great choice for stair treads – even if you decide to construct the actual stairs of another material
  • Hearths – Kearney stone can create stately and rugged-looking hearths for indoor and outdoor fireplaces or ovens

Tips for Buying Kearney Stone

As a rule, it is best to buy Kearney stone directly from a supplier. As discussed earlier, it is far too easy to be taken advantage of by online scammers, and purchasing stone from a retailer may also prove unwise. Big box landscaping retailers and home improvement stores may be able to sell you genuine Kearney stone, however, their prices will be higher than those of a direct manufacturer and supplier. For best results, look for a respectable, local supplier who is able to offer Kearney stone for pickup or bulk delivery at fair and competitive wholesale rates.