Why Should I Buy Screened Topsoil in NJ?

Screened Topsoil in NJWhen you are considering planting anything, ranging from trees and shrubs to plants, you always need to use screened topsoil. Screened topsoil is essential to the growth and development of everything you wish to see flourish in your landscape.

Many NJ homeowners choose screened topsoil over unscreened topsoil for several different reasons.

As Braen Supply is one of the largest suppliers of screened topsoil in NJ, we understand how important it is to your landscape.

In fact, after working with homeowners for more than a decade we can help you with nearly every aspect of your landscaping project.

When growing any type of vegetation in New Jersey, you need to use screened topsoil. This is because topsoil is full of nutrients that will help your plants thrive and grow.

What is Screened Topsoil?

We’ve spoken with many NJ homeowners who were unsure of the differences between screened and unscreened topsoil. The main difference between screened and unscreened topsoil is that unscreened topsoil can contain rocks, roots, leaves and any other material mixed in. This is not ideal for new plant growth or for use with any other parts of your landscape.

Unscreened topsoil typically contains less organic material and can be found for sale nearly everywhere. We caution you when purchasing this topsoil as you never truly know what you are getting.

The Qualities of Screened Topsoil

When looking to purchase screened topsoil you want to ensure you are getting the highest quality materials. Some of the main elements that will determine the quality of the topsoil will be its particle size, the amount of organic matter and the screening process it underwent.

These elements are crucial as they will play a large role in how well your plants will do in their growth. Make sure that every NJ topsoil supplier you speak with offers screened topsoil with an organic matter content of between 2%-10%. This is the sweet spot as too much or too little organic matter will negatively impact your landscape.

You should also ensure that they properly screen their topsoil to avoid having roots, sticks, glass, rocks and other materials in your topsoil. These materials will hamper your vegetations growth and can also be dangerous to you while working with it.

Buying Screened Topsoil In NJ

It is a very common misconception that screened topsoil is always loamy. Although this is the most common type of topsoil used in NJ, it is not the only kind available.

You also have the option of sandy topsoil (ideal for plants or vegetables that require a lot of drainage) and clay topsoil (ideal for areas that do not see frequent rainfall).

It is important to note that when working with a reliable topsoil supplier in NJ they will be able to talk with you about your needs and which topsoils are best for your project.

Having worked with homeowners for more than a decade, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best screened topsoil in NJ.

Our team will treat your questions and concerns as if they were their own. That’s because we want to see your project succeed as badly as you do.

Buying topsoil for your landscape is something that every homeowner should do in the spring and fall. It will provide your landscape with the nutrients it needs and it will help new vegetation grow to its full potential.

We recommend always purchasing screened topsoil as it will provide you with better results than unscreened options.

Braen Supply is the largest supplier of screened topsoil in NJ and we offer pickup and bulk delivery across all of NJ.

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