Set Your Backyard Apart from the Rest with a Techo-Bloc Patio

Looking to make a bold statement in your backyard? A Techo-Bloc patio may be just the ticket. Throughout the years, Techo-Bloc has become well recognized for its impeccable patio pavers and slabs.

These uniquely crafted paver products are manufactured from concrete or porcelain, but are designed to emulate the look of natural materials. Every detail, from the rich coloring to the spectacular texturing, is carefully considered in order to deliver a product that stands apart from all other patio materials – without breaking the bank. If this sounds great to you, you’re in luck.

As authorized Techo-Bloc dealers, Braen Supply has the inside scoop on all things related to designing and installing an incredible patio that is sure to impress your friends, family and neighbors. Read on to check out a few of our favorite Techo-Bloc patio ideas in order to get some inspiration for your upcoming project.

Classic Beauty

Among the most popular “stone” Techo-Bloc patio materials are the pavers from the BLU Collection. Available in 45mm and 60mm, it’s easy for homeowners like yourself to select the product with the right strength and durability for your lifestyle and usage needs.

The BLU collection offers a truly naturalistic and romantic appeal, featuring a chiseled face and a blend of subtly beautiful, natural colors. Although cut into pleasing geometrical shapes, the texturing and style of the pavers emulate the look of natural flagstone.

Pavers can easily be cut to fit your space and your design plans, but are available in standard square and rectangle shapes. The many different layouts available with these patio pavers provide users with plenty of options for creating an outdoor living room and entertaining space that stands out from all of the others on the block.

Techo-Bloc patio pavers from the BLU collection are available in cooler shades of gray and blue-gray, as well as in warmer tones like Harvest Gold. Ultimately, the BLU collection is best suited for homeowners with a classic sense of elegance and style.

The rough yet upscale look of the chiseled “stone” creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes guests feel relaxed and welcomed, while still leaving them impressed.

Whether you prefer the posh feeling of old English castles, or the sense of a romantic countryside cottage, you’ll find that it’s easy to create the theme that meshes with your personality when you work with the BLU collection.

Chic Simplicity

If you’re looking for something truly clean and chic, you probably feel as though “less is more.” In this case, we recommend working with a simple, yet stunning Techo-Bloc patio paver from the Aberdeen collection.

Although the pavers give off the impression of being cool and smooth, they also feature light texturing which add to the visual interest and appeal. Large, bold, square paver tiles can be arranged into a checkerboard pattern, in straight and sleek rows, or at a diagonal.

For even more interest, you might consider breaking up sections of your patio with other pavers in order to alternate the directions of the tiles. We have found that a slightly darker colored paver from the Villagio collection pairs nicely with the Aberdeen pavers. Aberdeen patio products also work beautifully with a number of other Techo-Bloc materials, including steps and wall blocks.

A Warm Sundeck

Many homeowners love the idea of being able to step outside into their backyards and enjoy a beautiful, wooden sundeck. Unfortunately, installing and maintaining a wooden deck isn’t always practical or possible in NJ and its surrounding areas.

Because we experience extreme weather conditions throughout all four seasons, any wood that is used in the construction of an outdoor deck or patio can quickly become warped or damaged by moisture and exposure to sunlight. Fortunately, there is a solution.

One of the newest and most exciting Techo-Bloc patio paver product lines is the Borealis slab collection. While most of Techo-Bloc’s paver products are designed to look like natural stone, this particular line of slabs has been carefully crafted to appear just as natural wood planks.

This makes it possible for homeowners to build the fabulous backyard sundeck or “hardwood floor” for their outdoor living space that they’ve always dreamed of. The warm, brown tones of the Borealis slabs create a rich and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests.

While the slabs can be used to create a truly polished, modern and chic environment, they are also ideal for establishing a naturalistic space that is surrounded by gardens, flowers and other plant life.

Because the concept of “wood set in stone” is still quite new, you’ll find that no other home on the block can compare to yours once you’ve installed your new Techo-Bloc patio “sundeck.”

Ultra Modern

If you’re into the idea of establishing an outdoor living space that is ultra posh and modern, Techo-Bloc has a solution for your needs. We’re absolutely in love with the urban, polished and completely upscale look of Travertina slabs. These large square blocks offer a true glimpse into the life of luxury, featuring stunning colors and surface patterns that are so simple, yet say so much.

A Techo-Bloc patio constructed from Travertina slabs can quickly become a work of art when the slabs are paired up with other Techo-Bloc materials and pavers. We love the idea of breaking up sections of your slabs with cobbled pavers, like those from the Antika collection.

Contrasting dark pavers against light and bright shades (or vice versa) create a dramatic effect that will dazzle and delight. We also like the idea of purposely creating large gaps between certain sections of your slabs and then later filling in those areas with decorative river rocks or other beautiful stones.

Travertina pavers can make water features stand out even more, and work perfectly with a number of other landscaping and architectural features.

Designing Your Dream Patio

These ideas are meant to serve as outdoor inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, but your Techo-Bloc patio should be designed to meet your unique needs and wants. We recommend visiting a local showroom to get a better idea about how specific products look in “real life”, and to request samples from Techo-Bloc in order to see how the colors and textures will work within the scope of your landscape.

You can also work with authorized Techo-Bloc contractors in order to come up with a perfect, custom design plan. Finally, you might consider hiring a landscaping professional in order to make sure that your plans will result in a Techo-Bloc patio that you will love both now and in the many years to come.

Building a Techo-Bloc Patio in NJ

Whenever you’re ready to get started on your Techo-Bloc patio project, we’re ready to help you get the job done. Braen Supply is a leading supplier of Techo-Bloc products in NJ and its surrounding areas.

We are experts on all of the patio pavers and slabs that Techo-Bloc has to offer, and we are happy to answer any of your questions about the materials.

Our Techo-Bloc patio materials are available at competitive prices and can be picked up or bulk delivered throughout parts of NJ and NY and limited parts of PA and CT.

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