Buying Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Bags in Northern NJ

calcium-chloride-ice-melt-bagsOld man winter has just made another pass at your home. He has dumped ice, snow, sleet or maybe even a mixture of all of those on your steps, walkways and driveway. You have to clear out the wintry stuff to get on with your life: getting to work, kids getting to school and just doing your regular living.

It’s time to buy a some calcium chloride ice melt bags to help melt the snow and ice. How much will you need? What kind do you need to buy? These are probably just several of the questions you are asking about the product.

Buying Calcium Chloride Ice Melt in Northern NJ

The following should answer some of the questions you have about melting ice in Passaic County and the surrounding areas. Snow and ice are very real hazards and the removal of these are essential for safety and security around your home and business.

  • Sizes – Ice melt is something you will typically need a fairly large amount of. The product can be purchased in 50 pound bags. There are smaller sizes available, but they don’t generally cover an adequate area for most needs. The bags come either 49 or 56 to a pallet in the 50 pound sizes, if you need a large quantity of product. Ice melt is available by the truckload.
  • Types – There are several types available, and you should find one suitable for your needs. Some types of ice melt varieties are listed below:
    • Large-sized granules that stay put when applied
    • Pet and child safe
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Traction control
    • Extenders that keep ice melted longer
  • Pickup or delivery – The bags can be bought at many retail outlets, but large quantities can be delivered to your home or business if desired by landscaping companies and others. Keep in mind an entire pallet of calcium chloride ice melt bags will weigh more than a ton!
  • Storage – Unused portions of the product can be stored. The key here is to keep it away from excess moisture. Once it picks up moisture it will begin to clump. It can still be used if it clumps, but it’s harder to deal with. Storing the bags or buckets in a dry area such as a garage or storage shed should be adequate.

How Much Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Do I Need?

Of course the big question is how much ice melt will you need to do the job. There is really no easy way to determine this. The rule-of-thumb here is that is better to have more than not enough.

There are many factors that go into determining how much product to use. As a very general rule most ice melt products need to be applied at about a rate of 1 cup for every 20 square feet. In a 50 pound bag there will be around 80 cups. So a 50 pound bag would cover around 1600 square feet. This would generally be enough to apply to a driveway, walkway and steps a couple of times.

Buying Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Bags in NJ is a Must

In northern New Jersey you will eventually need some form of ice melt product. The winter will sooner or later dump ice and snow on the area. The tips listed above are a short primer on ice melt bags.

You may have to experiment some and get a good feel for how much to use. One thing is certain though; ice melt bags are vital for your safety during harsh winter weather.