The Top 10 Creative Ways To Use Decorative Aggregates In Your Yard

If you’ve decided to embark on the adventure of creating a landscape project for your home, we salute your efforts. When searching for a way to make your landscaping project truly stand out, there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually consider the use of decorative aggregates. Given the wide variety of choices available and how they spruce up absolutely any project, it’s obvious why you’d want to use them.

There are almost an endless number of ways that you can utilize decorative aggregates to improve the overall appearance of both your front and backyard. It would be impossible to cover all of them, so what we’ve done is put together a list of some of the more creative uses that homeowners have come up with over the years. Choose one, two, or even a few of them to really help your landscaping project stand out.

Use as a Walkway

Although the first thing that your friends and family will see when they approach your home is the front of the house itself, having an attractive walkway as they make their way to your front door is a fantastic way to set the mood of their visit. Decorative aggregates can be placed closely together into the ground as a way to create a gorgeous, colorful walkway, either as a full path or as a series of stepping stones. You can also shape them into animals and whatnot, or whatever else you desire.

Enhance a Pool Deck

Since swimming pools are such a popular place for people to hang out when they come to visit, the deck area is definitely a place where you want to focus a good deal of your creative energy. You really can’t go wrong with any type of decorative aggregates surrounding your deck, but if you’re going for a tropical look, which many homeowners like to do, there are several different colorful types for you to choose from.

Base of a Mailbox

Many homeowners seem to ignore their mailbox when it comes to attempting to spruce up the appearance of their front yard, but this is a mistake. After all, your mailbox is typically situated at the very front of your yard, which is exactly why so many people decorate the mailbox itself. Adding decorative aggregates to the base of the mailbox will improve its appearance with very little effort.

Line a Walkway

Rather than using decorative aggregates to actually create the walkway leading up to your front door or through your yard, you can also use them to line your existing or future walkway. Doing so will improve the path’s appearance with minimal effort or cost involved. This is a quick and easy use of decorative aggregates that can make a big impact for both household members and visitors to your home.

Flower Bed Edging

Flower beds have become a very popular feature in a variety of landscaping layouts due to the colorful beauty that they can add to both your front yard and backyard. You can increase the attractiveness of flower beds by either filling the entire area with decorative aggregates or use them around the edges to accentuate the plants and flowers.  No matter which way you decide to go, the end result will be absolutely fantastic.

Base of Trees

While the presence of trees will definitely improve the look of your home, not to mention the environmental impact, the truth is that most aren’t exactly exciting or especially colorful in appearance unless they’re bearing fruit or flowers. This makes them the perfect area for adding a collection of decorative aggregates. Simply create a circular pattern, or any shape you would like, around the base of the tree and place your selected aggregates there.

Spotlight a Fire Pit

Many modern homeowners have been redoing their backyard by putting in a fire pit for themselves and others to enjoy. This is an especially popular area during the winter months, but it’s a great place to hang out all year round. Laying down some decorative aggregates is a great way to spruce up its appearance and make the time spent with family and friends around it even better.

Decorate a Slope

When your front yard has a slope due to an uneven ground,  it can actually look pretty cool even if there’s nothing more than grass growing there. However, if you’re looking for a way to make it stand out, then adding decorative aggregates is a perfect choice. In fact, because of the angle, the aggregates will be quite visible, which will help beautify the entire yard and add curb appeal.

Meditation Garden

In today’s often stressful society, it’s important that you relax and regroup from time to time. A meditation garden with decorative aggregate can provide a calming effect for household members and visitors. You’ll be able to choose soothing, pleasant colors that will help bring harmony to your household. And even if you’re not really into meditation or other holistic methods, this type of design is a wonderful idea just for the beautification aspect.

Highlight a Water Structure

Water structures are a very popular landscaping option because they truly add something special and unique to any type of layout. You can highlight these structures by placing decorative aggregates around their base or in the area nearby. Another option is to you choose some aggregates that match the color of the water structure itself to enhance its overall size and appearance.

Buying Decorative Aggregates in New Jersey

Whether you use decorative aggregates in a traditional landscaping design or something a bit more creative, you’re going to need a reliable supplier like Braen Supply. Our team of experts have been providing materials for almost 20 years, and we also perform landscape design where we will analyze your project’s needs and hook you up with a reputable contractor. Our materials are competitively priced, and you can either drop by our facility to pick them up or have them bulk delivered to most areas throughout NJ and parts of NY, CT, and PA.

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