5 Decorative Gravels That Will Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Landscaping projects are always awesome and exciting, and one reason for this is that they come with a ton of available choices. This means that every homeowner or business owner who is attempting to beautify their property and improve its curb appeal must dive into the multiple types of design and style options available before any kind of construction or installation can be done. A big part of this pre-planning phase includes choosing the type of material (or materials) that will be used in the project.

Decorative gravel has been a popular choice for improving the appearance of a residential or commercial property, and have proven to be a fantastic replacement or alternative to mulching options. A big reason for this is that there are several types to choose from, each with their own individual properties, but which also typically serve the same basic functions. Each of these types of gravel will look great, improve drainage and temperature control, help deter pests due to a lack of decay, and basically last forever.

Of course, choosing the one that’s perfect for your specific landscaping project may be a little tricky since all of them make fantastic choices. Any of them will work, but it comes down to personal preference more than anything. To help you out a bit by giving you a head start on what each of these types of decorative gravel is all about, let’s dive into the five primary choices, and then you can decide from there.

Decorative Gravel Type #1: Pea Gravel 

Pea gravel is, without a doubt, the most popular type of decorative gravel available. These small, round stones feature a “pea-like” shape and texture, with a smooth surface and attractive appearance that has proven to make them extremely appealing for both residential and commercial applications. You’ll find them in various colors, such as black, white, gray, brown, tan, green, and red. Their appearance makes them very versatile in the use of landscaping projects and, due to their commonality, they are an affordable option that will fit any budget. Many homeowners and business owners will also use them to complement other types of stone in order to add a better aesthetic to an already beautiful landscape.

Decorative Gravel Type #2: Mexican Beach Pebbles

As you might have guessed from the name, these decorative stones are found along the sandy shores of Mexico’s coast. They are typically blue or gray, but will turn deep black or onyx when they are exposed to water. This gives them a unique look amongst other decorative stones, especially when it’s raining or you’re watering the area. Thanks to being exposed to the Pacific Ocean’s crashing waves over a long period of time, Mexican beach pebbles have a smooth, round appearance. Depending on the type of project you’re undertaking, you may want to choose smaller or larger variations of these stones. For instance, the smaller types are better for flower beds and garden planters, whereas the larger types are great for lawns, walkways and similar projects.

Decorative Gravel Type #3: White Marble Chips

This type of decorative gravel is a bit more subdued than other choices, which makes these chips perfect if you’re not going for a flashy or overly colorful appearance. These stones are usually white with one or more gray streaks. Plus, they offer a shimmering surface that almost looks like it’s covered with specks of glitter. While possibly not as fancy as other choices, white marble chips will look great in a variety of projects.

Decorative Gravel Type #4: Yellow “Jersey Shore” Gravel

Affectionately known as the “Jersey Shore” gravel, this decorative gravel is commonplace throughout the state of New Jersey. The name derives from the fact that the yellow, golden, brown, and tan appearance of these stones gives a sense of spending time at the beach, especially the Jersey Shore. These colors work great with all types of plants, regardless of style or shade. Plus, they are very affordable, which makes them an even better choice for a variety of landscaping projects.

Decorative Gravel Type #5: River Rock

Think of river rock as a kind of hybrid of pea gravel and Mexican beach pebbles. Basically, this type of decorative gravel gives you the color options of pea gravel and the water-washed smoothness and visual effect of Mexican beach pebbles. These rocks add character to practically any landscaping project and, like a couple of other options on this list, are inexpensive. This means you could basically cover your entire landscape in river rock and it wouldn’t set you back too much.

Purchasing Decorative Gravel in NJ

Once you have decided that decorative gravel would be perfect for your next landscaping project, you’re going to need a reputable supplier that can help you get started by supplying you with the material. Braen Supply has spent years developing a wide knowledge of landscaping needs and can provide you with a variety of materials based around each project. Our team of experts can assist you before, during, and after your project, whether you’re still trying to decide on which material to use or would like advice on how to get the most out of the design. You are welcome to stop by our physical location or order in bulk and have the material delivered to many areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, and PA.

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