Top 5 Benefits of Using a Hardscape Design Software to Design Your Dream Backyard

If you’ve been giving any thought to upgrading your hardscape, you’ve probably been tossing various ideas around, trying to come up with the perfect plan for your designs. Perhaps you love the way that certain pavers and outdoor fire features look in the scope of a supplier’s showroom, but you’re not positive they’ll work for your specific property.

Maybe you’re struggling to figure out how to create interesting hatch patterns that you’ll love in the many years to come. Or it could be that you’re just not sure about how everything will fit and flow together. How can you possibly move forward with your plans with so much uncertainty?

The savviest homeowners know that they can’t go it alone when making plans for hardscape design and installation. And while you certainly might consider hiring a professional landscape designer to assist with your plans, this step isn’t necessary when you make use of the right hardscape design software tools.

In this highly technological era, it’s very possible to get all of the valuable information you’d receive from a pro, right from a set of incredible software tools. Hardscape design software is specifically designed with homeowners in mind.

The intuitive programs make it easy for you to visualize and plan how to move forward with your upcoming project so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that you’ll love the finished product – both now and well into the future. Here’s a closer look at a few of the key benefits you can enjoy from making use of reliable hardscaping design software tools:

1. Visualize It in Your Own Back (or Front) Yard

One of the biggest problems that people have when planning out the design of their hardscape is that they struggle to be able to “see” or visualize the finished project within the scope of their own property.

Sure, that outdoor kitchen looks amazing in someone else’s backyard, but how will it look when it’s sitting next to your house and your other landscaping features? Will it be too big? Will the color scheme and style match up? How can you be sure?

A good hardscape design software program will actually allow you to upload photos of your own property and get a firsthand look at how certain hardscaping elements will look within the flow of your space.

This will make it much easier for you to make decisions about your project and relax throughout the installation process so that you can enjoy the work being done, rather than stress about it.

2. See It in 3D

Most people have played around with 2 Dimensional drawings of layouts for the design of interior and exterior design elements.

This can be helpful in determining how much space you actually have to work with in terms of square footage, but it’s also very limited in terms of how much information can truly be revealed about how your design elements will really work within the scope of your space.

Yes, these designs will tell you that you’ve got the “floor” or ground space to accommodate a fireplace or outdoor pizza oven between your outdoor kitchen and your outdoor living room, but how will it look in scale? Will it be too bulky, or will it tie things together perfectly?

The only way to know for sure is to go beyond 2D and into the world of 3D. Many hardscape design software programs make it possible for you to assemble 3D, scale models of your dream hardscape so that you can be sure that everything will fit together perfectly and create a space that you absolutely adore.

3. Be Inspired

So you want your hardscape to look absolutely fabulous, but you’re not a design professional yourself. Not a problem! You don’t have to have the intuitive ability to come up with unique and visually interesting patterns, layouts, designs or mosaics inside your own head (although, if you do possess this ability, kudos to you!

We encourage you to employ your creativity and make a design that’s truly your own!) With the right software design software, you can take a look at countless different plans and mosaics to see how different patterns, shapes, designs, and styles can be arranged to complement one another and create a truly dazzling hardscape that you and your guests will be enamored of.

Other software tools will provide you with inspirational design concepts that will help to get your creative juices flowing in terms of how to lay things out and proceed with your plans in a way that makes sense.

4. See What Works (And What Doesn’t)

Mixing and matching different styles, colors and textures can be a lot of fun – but it can also be difficult.

Making use of a good hardscaping design software tool will let you play around with different concepts before you make a final decisions so that you can see what does and doesn’t work.

5. Get Valuable Input

While you’re certainly your own person and you enjoy making decisions for yourself, you probably still enjoy gathering feedback from people that you know and trust, as well as from other interested parties. As the old adage goes, “Two Heads are Better Than One.”

While you might be so sold on one idea that you can’t see any considerations that you may need to make or any flaws in your plans, a friend or family member might be able to offer a fresh perspective and help you come up with better ideas and solutions that will cater to your design needs for a smoother installation process and years of enjoyment.

One of the great things about hardscape design software is that it enables you to take the plans that you’ve made for your hardscape and share them with others. Some programs allow you to print or email your designs so that you can take them with you to show your family and friends, or to email to those that you trust for feedback.

Other programs make it easy to assemble information, testimonials and feedback from other homeowners/customers who have already gone through the design and installation process so that you can get tips from their experience.

Designing and Upgrading Your Hardscape in NJ

When you’re ready to move forward with plans to design and install the hardscape of your dreams, Braen Supply is ready and able to help.

As industry experts, we’re familiar with all of the very best hardscape design software tools that are available to homeowners like yourself, including those that have been developed by leading hardscape manufacturers like Techo-Bloc, Belgard and Cambridge.

We are happy to provide you with tips and tricks for making use of these tools while also adding our own professional advice on how to get the most out of your project. As soon as your designs are complete, we can connect you with all of the materials and tools required to get the job done right.

We offer a massive inventory of Belgard hardscaping materials, all of which are available at low and competitive, wholesale prices. Our materials can be picked up at your convenience or can be bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.
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