Prepare to Be Obsessed With This Growing Techo-Bloc Fireplace Trend

Do you ever feel like your backyard is missing something? Sure, you may have a nice patio for grilling out and enjoying a quiet meal on a summer night, but perhaps the space just doesn’t feel as cozy or inviting as you’d like.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to start thinking about installing an outdoor fireplace. Techo-Bloc fireplaces are extremely popular right now, and of the different fireplace kits available, the Manchester Foyer collection is getting a great deal of attention. Read on to learn more about this emerging trend.

Techo-Bloc Outdoor Fireplaces are Trending in 2017

The American Society of Landscape Architects noted that fireplaces were the top outdoor design element in 2016, and that trend has only continued to grow. in 2017. Here in NJ, countless homeowners are getting excited about the idea of introducing a beautiful Techo-Bloc outdoor fireplace to their properties.

This trend isn’t particularly surprising. After all, living room fireplaces have traditionally been viewed as the prime spot for gathering with family and guests. It’s only natural, then, that people would crave the ability to develop the same type of atmosphere in their outdoor living space.

The stunning appearance of outdoor fireplaces by Techo-Bloc create a focal point for the outdoor living environment, and people seem to naturally gravitate towards the fire as a place to relax, unwind and talk to their loved ones.

An outdoor Techo-Bloc fireplace also makes it possible for homeowners and their guests to enjoy the great outdoors, even when it starts getting dark earlier and the cool, crisp fall weather takes hold.

Ultimately, outdoor fireplaces add a great deal of value to the home. As such, we expect to see the outdoor fireplace trend continue to explode into 2018 and beyond.

Manchester Foyer Fireplaces by Techo-Bloc are Leading the Pack

While all Techo-Bloc outdoor fireplaces are enjoying growing popularity and attention, one trend seems to be standing out the most. The Manchester Foyer fireplace is capturing the hearts and imaginations of homeowners from all walks of life and is becoming “the next big thing” for the 2017-2018 season.

The Manchester Foyer fireplace is distinguished by its strong yet unimposing presence. A fireplace, two “wings” for wood storage and a tall and broad chimney are the hallmarks of this collection.

Although large in size, the fireplace kit does not overwhelm an outdoor living space, but rather adds warmth and interest to it. The aged facing of the blocks give the fireplace a completely natural and charming appearance, adding to the luxury and value of the piece.

Manchester Foyer fireplaces were carefully designed to compliment and work with a wide range of other Techo-Bloc hardscaping materials, including outdoor grill islands, fire pits, walls, steps and pavers. It’s easy to see why this particular outdoor fireplace kit is taking the landscaping and hardscaping world by storm.

Benefits of Manchester Foyer Fireplaces by Techo-Bloc

So how can Techo-Bloc fireplaces like those from the Manchester Foyer collection benefit you, personally? Here are a few of the biggest advantages to installing a Manchester Foyer fireplace:

Stately Appearance

There’s no denying the fact that Techo-Bloc’s Manchester Foyer outdoor fireplace makes a strong impression. The stately and subtly elegant fireplace kit is comprised of high quality Techo-Bloc building blocks that look exactly like natural, chiseled stone.

The tall yet proportionate chimney demands attention, and the gorgeous mantle pieces are to die for. The Foyer fireplace will very quickly become the centerpiece of your outdoor living space.


Techo-Bloc fireplaces from the Manchester Foyer collection are available in simple and neutral, yet lovely colors. Shale Gray offers a hint of cool sophistication, whereas Harvest Gold brings warmth to the space. Both hues are easily incorporated into just about any style of landscaping or architecture.

Ample Storage

Of all of the many luxurious Techo-Bloc fireplaces, the Manchester Foyer kit offers some of the best wood storage. Both sides of the fireplace feature open box storage where you can stack up wood for future get-togethers and nights under the stars.

Warmth & Light

A Foyer fireplace by Techo-Bloc offers a feeling of warmth, light and coziness to any outdoor living space. When the sun goes down and the temperatures dip, you and your loved ones will still be able to enjoy your time outdoors, gathered around the flames.

Ease of Installation

Techo-Bloc fireplaces are designed in a way to promote fast, easy installations and the Manchester Foyer kit is no exception to this rule. Skilled do-it-yourselfers will find that assembling the fireplace is quite simple. If you prefer, however, authorized Techo-Bloc contractors can quickly build the fireplace so that you can begin enjoying it right away.


Natural stone fireplaces can be extremely expensive, and many homeowners have to save up for years in order to afford one. Although the Manchester Foyer fireplace looks like natural stone, it is actually constructed from concrete. This means that the fireplace is much less costly and can be worked into any budget.

Simple Maintenance

Once installed, you and your family will be able to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor fireplace without the need to worry about constant maintenance or upkeep. Techo-Bloc products (including fireplace kits) are tough, durable and weather-resistant.

Installing Manchester Foyer Techo-Bloc Fireplaces in NJ

Braen Supply is the top Techo-Bloc supplier in NJ. As an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer, we have access to Manchester Foyer fireplaces in both available color palettes and can offer the most competitive prices on the market.

We are passionate about the Techo-Bloc products we sell and are happy to provide you with information about Foyer fireplaces and their proper installation.

We can also connect you with locally authorized Techo-Bloc contractors who can assist you with the design and installation process. Our Techo-Bloc fireplace kits can be picked up at your convenience or can be bulk delivered to locations throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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