How to Lay Patio Pavers in Westchester County, NY

Paver patios offer homeowners an attractive and practical place to enjoy time outdoors. In order to enjoy the maximum benefit of installing such a patio, though, you need to take steps to ensure that the patio is constructed in a way that meets your property’s specific demands and will work well within your regional environment.

Ready to get started? This simple guide will provide you with all of the information you need to learn exactly how to lay patio pavers in Westchester County, NY.


Before you can actually begin to learn how to lay patio pavers, you first need to take the time to carefully plan out and visualize your project. This involves considering how the patio will look and affect your views from all different angles of the property, including how it will impact your view from certain windows in the home.

Be sure to consider any other landscaping and architectural features throughout the landscape. How will the shape, color and texture of your patio pavers work with these elements? It’s also wise to think about your intended use of the patio.

Will the pavers be used to create a surface for a swimming pool deck or for an outdoor kitchen and dining area? Understanding how you intend to make use of your new outdoor living space will help you to better visualize the design and layout of the patio.

Call Your Utility Provider

You may have a good idea about how you want your patio to look and where you want it to be located, but that doesn’t mean that you’re ready to dive in and do the work.

We strongly recommend that you first call your local utility provider and ask them to come out for a one time call as a means of marking of the areas throughout your property where any underground pipes or cables may be located.This will prevent you from encountering any problems when excavating your project area.

Mark the Borders

Take the time to mark off the boundaries or borders of your new patio with landscaping stakes and twine or rope. This will not only give you a visual representation of how your finished project will look, but it will also keep you on track as you continue with the following project steps.

Choose the Right Supplier

Choosing the right patio paver supplier is just as important as understanding how to lay patio pavers. You need to take the time to seek out a local supplier that has a reputation for offering a wide variety of different pavers to suit different homeowner needs and desires.

They should act as authorized dealers for the top paver stone manufacturers and should be able to help you make smart choices about your materials and project.

Excavate the Project Area

Using a shovel or other tools/equipment of your choosing, carefully excavate the entire project area to a uniform depth throughout. At the same time you’ll need to remove any roots, rocks, sticks or debris that create an uneven surface. Finally, compact the soil firmly so that you’ll have an extremely stable base for your patio.

Apply Landscaping Fabric

The last thing you want is for weeds and other unwanted vegetation from growing up underneath your patio pavers. This will detract from the beauty of the patio while also diminishing its structural integrity. To prevent these problems, you’ll need to apply a layer of landscaping fabric between the soil and the patio’s base layer.

Prepare the Base

Every paver patio needs a firm, reliable base comprised of crushed stone or quarry process. The stone will need to be firmly tamped and compacted so that it will always hold pavers in place.

Lay Down Edging Materials

It’s always a good idea to start things off by laying down your boarder or edging materials. Many Westchester County homeowners make the decision to use a heavy stone with a distinctive look so that it will hold the patio in place and create a sophisticated look.

Having this border in place will give you a frame of reference as you move forward in learning how to lay patio pavers properly and strategically.

Pour Sand

Pour sand liberally throughout the project area to a depth of approximately 1/2″. Rake the sand to an even depth. The sand will help keep your pavers in place.

Strategically Lay Down Pavers

Working from the outside in, start laying your patio pavers in the layout or pattern of your choosing. Be sure to push each stone into the sand so that it locks into place and make sure each paver is equidistant from one another.

Consider Drainage

Westchester County is frequently subject to high volumes of precipitation, both in the form of rain and snow. If you want your patio to remain functional, beautiful and structurally sound while also protecting the rest of your property you’ll need to consider drainage needs.

The patio should be slightly sloped away from the foundation of your home. As a general rule, the patio should slope an additional 1/4″ for every 2 feet of length of your patio.

Apply Polymeric Adhesive Sand

After you are certain that all of your pavers have been laid exactly where you would like them to sit and you feel completely satisfied with your work, you’ll need to apply some sort of adhesive like polymeric sand as a means of locking the pavers into place.

This type of sand is blended with polymers that harden and hold you work together. Pour the sand over the surface of the pavers and use a push broom to work it into the joints.

Make sure that every joint is filled with the sand. The polymers won’t harden until they are exposed to water, so you’ll need to spray the entire patio liberally with a hose.

Clean and Seal

Once your joints are filled and your patio pavers are firmly in place, you’re ready to clear the area of any remaining sand or debris. Use a broom to get rid of all residue before moving forward with the sealing process.

It’s wise to consult with manufacturer instructions regarding sealant, as some materials may be most compatible with a specific type of sealant. The right material will help to improve the overall strength of your pavers while locking in color and beauty. For best results you should re-seal the pavers every other year.

Purchasing Patio Pavers in Westchester County, NY

Residents of Westchester County know that they can count on Braen Supply to handle all of their patio paver needs. We act as authorized dealers for the leading patio paver manufacturers, enabling us to sell the newest, best and most popular pavers.

We have all of the facts and figures on each type of paver that we carry and are happy to answer any questions you may have about how to lay patio pavers. We’re also qualified to work with you in order to determine how much material to purchase and to plan out your budget.

Our patio pavers can be picked up at your convenience or can be bulk delivered to projects throughout Westchester County as well as all of NJ, NY, PA and CT.

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