A Cozy Patio Area

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Combining beauty with functionality

This homeowner approached Braen Supply with a patio redesign in mind. He wanted to create a beautiful and functioning patio with features that would make it stand out. The materials that were used created both a polished and sophisticated area.

Cambridge Pavingstones were used for the patio to create a durable and long lasting area. These pavers enhanced the look of the patio with soft, neutral colors. To compliment the patio, a fire pit was added as well. The fire pit was brought to life with sleek limestone treads that worked well with the stone It truly brought everything together and created an area that the whole family could enjoy.


“I knew I could turn to Braen Supply to get the job done. They provided us with just what we needed to transform our patio area.”

– Dirk, Homeowner

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The Cambridge Pavingstones limestone quarry blend used on this patio created an elegant and polished look. The gray tints of the stone worked well with the other colors found throughout the property and highlighted them nicely. The limestone treads around the fireplace worked well to compliment and accentuate the various features of this home. The soft color of the stone added a sleek and attractive touch.

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