A Stylish Design

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A clean and elegant home

This homeowner’s property was accentuated with the various materials provided by Braen Supply in order to create an ideal space. The material that was used worked well together and enhanced the landscape with a clean and elegant design. Bluestone caps, sills and treads were incorporated throughout various areas of the property and created a nice element of consistency.

The retaining wall and chimney found in the landscape were brought to life with a custom thin veneer blend. The color tones and texture of this veneer truly stood out and brought the area to life. This upgrade gave the homeowner the property he always wanted.

This project was completed by Kulick Development.


“The details that were accentuated throughout my property brought my entire home to life.“

– Homeowner

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The bluestone caps used on the retaining walls complimented the tones found around the landscape and worked well with the color of the patio. The all blue bluestone dimensional brought a sleek and modern look to the property and wrapped the whole look together. These sophisticated and bluestone sills worked to highlight and enhance the window sills found throughout the home. The custom thin veneer blend that was used for the home’s facade, chimney area and retaining walls created a consistent pattern that wrapped up the entire look. The colors are subtle yet very appealing with a nice blend of blue, gray and brown tones. The bluestone treads offered an attractive front step area that highlighted the colors found throughout the property.

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