A Stunning Outdoor Design

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Perfect family space

This homeowner’s outdoor living area was redesigned to add some elegant characteristics. In order to do this, various materials were used. The retaining walls found along the property were made from PA Fieldstone Wallstone.  The textures and various colors found throughout this stone easily enhance the outdoor area and offer visual stimulation.

Ashler pattern brownstone was used throughout the patio, creating a clean and polished look. This patio surrounded a beautiful swimming pool that was aligned with brownstone caps along the border.The materials that were used in this landscape exterior created a relaxing and enjoyable space, perfect for the family.

This project was completed by Arapahoe Landscape Contractors.


“The collaboration of Braen Supply and Arapahoe Landscaping created a remarkable outdoor living area that my family and I could enjoy.”

– Homeowner

more about the materials

This PA Fieldstone Wall contains stacked stones with jumper pieces that provide an abstract pattern and brings the wall to life. The various shapes, sizes and colors make it the perfect material to incorporate around a home. These brownstone caps added a nice touch to the homeowner’s swimming pool. The natural, rich colors of these caps paired nicely with the Norwegian buff stone found at the entrance of the pool. Both of these materials mixed well with the rest of the materials found around the property. The patio area found in this backyard was made from Ashlar Pattern brownstone. The colors found in this stone worked well with the patterns and colors found throughout the rest of the home.

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