An Enchanting Outdoor Design

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The perfect place for family and friends

This homeowner’s outdoor area was enhanced to resemble a spa-like environment. With the various features that were incorporated, it truly became the perfect place to enjoy with family and friends. A waterfall, the perfect accompaniment to a swimming pool, was added and truly created the relaxing feature the homeowners were looking for.

The diving board feature that was added to the pool was built with bluestone treads – adding a fun feature to the pool. Wynn marble was used around the pool and worked well with the colors that were incorporated across the patio.

Overall, the materials that were used complimented each other well and created an area that could be enjoyed by family and friends. Braen Supply and Landscape Techniques worked together and made this possible.

This project was completed by Landscape Techniques.


“I got exactly what I was looking for. My backyard is now the perfect place for my family to get together and enjoy.”

– Homeowner

more about the materials

Wynn marble was used around the patio to create a classic and elegant area. The colors found on this material made it very visually appealing and complimented the features found throughout the property. This unique diving board was created using bluestone treads. This gorgeous material created the fun and functional feature that was needed to bring this swimming pool to life. The accenting wall feature found near the pool area was created with custom granite thin veneer. This wall added a nice element of texture to the swimming area.

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