A Touch of Rustic Elegance

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A beautiful storefront

Sal Lauretta for Men, the well-known, go-to location for men’s custom suits and tailoring added a touch of elegance to their store with the help of Braen Supply.

The materials that were used for this project truly accentuated the characteristics of the store and brought it to life.

The bold, rich colors of the Saddle Mountain® thin veneer used along the store easily provides a beautiful appearance and attracts the eye. Along with this, bluestone and Bellagio were used to compliment the features of the store.


“Braen Supply helped highlight the features of my store in the best way. The products they used offered the extra touch of elegance the store needed. “

– Ralph Lauretta

more about the materials

This Sam Braen Stone® Saddle Mountain® thin veneer provides Sal Lauretta for Men with a unique look. The design and rich colors of this stone creates a stylish and elegant look. This Sam Braen Stone® Bellagio landscaping stone was used on the patio of Sal Lauretta for Men. The soft and natural color of the stone creates and calming and peaceful atmosphere. These bluestone sills highlight the store in a beautiful way. This extra touch was able to wrap up the entire project and make the store stand out.

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