Accenting the Landscape

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Enhancing the natural beauty

This house had some existing stone walls, which the designers at Caribbean Blue Pools were looking to replicate in other areas of the property. Knowing that the walls were going to be a prominent feature of the backyard, Kearney wall stone was selected before choosing the remaining stone for the outdoor living features.

Keeping the landscape walls in mind Kearney stone steps and Kearney stone boulders were chosen to accent the landscaping and walkway stone. We utilized the beauty of irregular bluestone, by dry laying this material as stepping stones leading to the gazebo and wet laying this material as a walkway under the trellis.

The driveway was intricately designed with multiple types of pavers, including 5 different colors, creating a path to the backyard with similar natural beauty. The details on this custom built fireplace, which include custom bluestone surrounds, bluestone chimney caps, and bluestone wall caps, were hand chiseled to enhance the look of the fireplace surrounds.


“The team at Braen Supply worked with us to accentuate the landscape and perfect the details to tie everything together. This was the perfect partnership.”

– Owner, Caribbean Blue Pools

more about the materials

Bluestone irregular flagstone has an array of different shades and hues – making it the perfect option for homeowners trying to accent their landscape. Not only is Bluestone visually appealing but it is very practical and functional. The great thing about Kearney stone is that it can be used in multiple elements, creating a very consistent look in your landscape. Kearney stone was used here for the steps as well as the wall.

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