Building a Dream Backyard

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A perfect place to unwind

When this homeowner started the design process of a new backyard, Braen Supply was immediately there to supply all the stone materials. The home was part of a new development, so the challenge was to make the home stand out while still addressing specific areas of the existing backyard, such as the steep grade.

Taking the steep grade into consideration, moss rock boulders were selected to create stairs down to the lower area of the backyard where the fire pit sits. The grade of the backyard also allowed for the infinity pool, full color bluestone pattern was selected as the veneer for the back wall of the infinity pool.

Braen Supply chose Tennessee gray and bluestone to create a seamless transition from the front of the house to the back of the house. Although they are two different stones, they work nicely together to complete the overall design and tone of the home. It all came together and made the perfect backyard.

Installation of Materials done by: Arapahoe Landscape Contractors
Construction of the House done by: Barrister Home Construction


“When working on complex projects such as this one, Braen Supply had the materials I needed available and provided fast deliveries, which is priceless in my business.”

– John Butler, President of Arapahoe Landscape Contractors

more about the materials

This beautiful water feature is made with full color Bluestone irregular flagstone. Paired perfectly with the bluestone caps – the true colors of Bluestone become more prominent. The Kearney steps were the perfect option leading up into the hot tub. Kearney is a very popular choice for landscaping applications because they are resistant against weathering and color changes. The Tennessee Gray irregular flagstone adds to the visual appeal with its rich and interesting textures. The Granite Mosaic veneer was used to build this fireplace. It was the perfect material to hold up outdoors in the winter. It also pairs perfectly with the full color Bluestone flagstone, which is also used for the caps and mantle.

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