Finding the Perfect Match

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A cohesive outdoor space

Caribbean Blue Pools did a great job on this Franklin Lakes home, affectionately known as grandma’s house. Matching the existing stone on the house was challenging because the stone was no longer being quarried. This meant beginning the search for a similar stone that was still available.

Ultimately using the experts at Braen Supply, a natural blend was selected to match the existing stone for the pool house as well as the focal point of the backyard, the fireplace.

The details on this custom built fireplace, which include custom bluestone surrounds, bluestone chimney caps, and bluestone wall caps, were hand chiseled to enhance the look of the fireplace surrounds.

Moss rock boulders and Kearney stone steps were chosen to help add natural beauty to the project. Norwegian Buff was an easy choice for the patio due to its favorable temperature and beauty around pool areas.


“Braen Supply was able to help me match the existing stone with ease. They worked through the most intricate details to ensure we ended up with a house the homeowner loved.”

– Owner, Caribbean Blue Pools

more about the materials

Kearney stone’s light and bluish-gray tones are complemented well by the moss rock boulders. This stairwell is constructed to be durable and long lasting in this beautiful backyard. Thin stone veneer was the perfect option to use throughout this backyard. It adds an elegant element, especially when paired with the Norwegian Buff flagstone and Bluestone sills. Everything truly came together to make the perfect match. Bluestone was used for the surround & wall caps for this fireplace. The blue-ish, gray tones of the bluestone really bring out the color in the veneer used for the facing of the fireplace. Not only that, but bluestone is extremely durable and was the perfect material to use to construct this beautiful piece.

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