What Are the Best Landscaping Lighting Units to Have For Your Home?

Are you proud of your stunning landscape? Here’s a bright idea: illuminate your home’s exterior and outdoor living spaces with beautiful landscaping lighting fixtures.

With landscaping lighting you can increase the overall level of safety throughout your property while also making it possible to get more use out of your patio, outdoor kitchen and swimming areas – even after dark.

No matter what landscaping style you prefer or what your personal tastes involve, you’ll quickly discover that lighting solutions exist to meet a wide range of homeowner needs and desires on a budget you can afford.

Ready to spruce up your home? Check out some of our expert tips for choosing the right landscaping lighting for your unique demands.

Landscaping Lighting for Security Purposes

One of the primary reasons why homeowners invest in landscaping lighting is to increase home safety and provide peace of mind. Security lights are often installed on garages, along the outside walls of a home or on sheds and other structures that are situated in otherwise dark spaces.

Some homeowners prefer lights that constantly remain on, whereas others are most interested in lights that are motion-sensored and will only be triggered when someone is approaching the home. Either fixture is effective in boosting safety.

Another smart place to install lights is along front or back entryways to the home. Finally, those with larger properties might also want to consider flood lighting to keep potential intruders at bay.

Illuminating Pathways with Landscaping Lighting

Navigating pathways and driveways after dark can be tricky and even dangerous. Whether you’ve got a smooth, concrete path or a textured, gravel walkway, there’s still the same chance that you or a visitor to your home could trip and fall, leading to injury.

The best way to eliminate safety risks like these is to illuminate these areas with beautiful landscape lights. Yard stakes are among the most popular fixtures for this purpose, are extremely affordable and are very easy to install along both edges of the trail.

Modern, outdoor recessed lights which are flush with the ground have also become very popular in NJ throughout recent years and will add a touch of sophistication to your property.

Landscaping Lighting for Entertaining

You can’t entertain your friends and family once the sun goes down if you don’t have lights! Lighting not only makes it possible for guests to mingle and communicate, but it also sets the mood for the entire event.

Dimmer lights are a great choice because they can be adjusted to alter the tone of your affair. For a more unique, fun or funky approach to lighting for entertaining purposes, we suggest that you consider stringing party lights or even Christmas lights across and throughout your patio space.

Chinese lanterns or antique lanterns can also offer a romantic and one-of-a-kind feel to your party. During summer parties and barbecues, many homeowners like to use Tiki Torch lights which are fun and also keep insects away.

Highlighting Features with Landscaping Lighting

If you’ve got areas of your landscape that you’re especially fond of, you might want to consider installing accent lights that will highlight these features even after the sun goes down. Accent lighting can be installed in a couple of different ways.

Some people purchase and install spotlight-type fixtures which can be directed at landscaping features like fountains, from a distance.

Other people might install accent lights that are built flush with an attractive natural stone or facade wall in order to cast light and shadow either upwards or downwards along the wall for a truly stunning effect. We suggest working with a landscaping expert to determine which accents would be best for your property.

Landscaping Lighting for Swimming Areas

Have you ever felt the urge to take a nighttime dip in your swimming pool? Unless you’ve got lighting features in and around your swimming pool, you probably had to wait until daylight in order to ensure that you and your loved ones would be safe in the water.

Swimming pool lighting fixtures help to illuminate the pool deck and alert people of wet or slick spots, as well as highlight where the pool deck ends and the pool begins. At the same time, the water is covered in light so you can see what’s going on in the pool and keep an eye on all swimmers.

For best results, we recommend that you make use of a combination of larger spotlights or floodlights surrounding the pool and underwater lights that will enable you to see beneath the water. This not only helps to make the area safer, but it also adds a hint of serenity and magic as the shadows of swimmers will be illuminated in the blue glow of the waters.

Landscaping Lighting for Warmth

NJ homeowners are no strangers to the colder months of the year. As soon as autumn tools around, the temperatures start to drop and the nights get very chilly.

Without a source of warmth within your landscape, you’re forced to head indoors instead of taking advantage of your outdoor living spaces. Fortunately, you’ve got several options when it comes to finding landscaping lighting solutions that will not only bring light to the night, but will also help to keep you and your loved ones warm and comfortable on the crispest of fall evenings.

Outdoor fireplaces are the most popular features. These become the focal point of your outdoor living space and create a natural place for friends and family to gather together while enjoying the dancing flames and the crackling embers.

Fire pits are a second runner-up, offering a cozy and warm place to toast marshmallows and trade stories with one another. Some homeowners also like the idea of using features like heat lamps which can be used to toast up the areas around patio tables and other furniture.

Low-Cost Landscaping Lighting

Regardless of how big or small your lighting budget is, you can still afford to light up your property and enhance its overall look. Low-cost lighting solutions like outdoor solar lights are the perfect fit for homes of all styles.

These versatile lights come in a variety of different styles and colors to match your individual tastes and preferences. Solar lights require a minimal up-front investment and will pay you back and then some.

This is because the lights run on power from the sunlight rather than relying on your electricity supply. The end result is a brighter and lovelier landscape without increasing your monthly utility bill.

Learn More About Landscaping Lighting

Interested in learning more about selecting the right landscaping lighting for your property? The pros at Braen Supply are ready, capable and willing to help.

Because we work with an array of different landscaping and hardscaping materials and features, we’re familiar with the lighting fixtures and units that are best able to complement your home’s unique style of decor.

We can provide you with advice on which types of lighting would most improve the look and safety of your property while also making recommendations about the types of fixtures that can work well together. Give us a call or stop by to talk to one of our experts today.

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