Where to Buy Lava Rocks at Wholesale Prices for Bulk Delivery in NJ, NY & PA

Where to Buy Lava Rocks at Wholesale Prices for Bulk Delivery in NJ, NY & PALava rocks have exploded in popularity over the past few years for use in both commercial and residential landscapes. The use of decorative stones like lava rocks can make a dramatic impact on the overall look of your property.

Known for their attractive red coloration and rough, porous texture, these igneous rocks are truly unique and can make any landscape stand out.

Lava rocks are very popular for use in landscapes because they are able to function practically while still looking beautiful.

Homeowners have discovered that they can make use of the stones for a wide range of purposes. Some people choose to enhance existing paths and walkways with lava rocks, whereas others use the decorative stones as an edging material to create boundaries or draw attention to specific landscaping features.

Lava rocks can even act as an alternative to traditional, organic mulch. As lava rock prices are lower than some other decorative gravels, it’s easy to plan the landscape of your dreams on a budget you can afford.

Lava Rock Prices

Lava rock prices are quite comparable to other decorative stones. Due to their size and unique look, you’ll find that lava rocks will cost more than basic crushed stone or gravel, but the versatility of lava rocks make them worth the investment. It’s important to be aware that lava rock prices are also influenced by the suppler that you purchase from. You’ll find that buying directly from a stone supplier will yield the fairest and most competitive rates.

Lava Rock Coverage

Of course, the cost of landscaping with lava rocks will also vary based upon the scope of your project. The greater your coverage needs are, the more you can expect to invest in creating your beautiful landscape. If your goal is to use the lava rocks to enhance your garden or flowerbed, you’ll need to plan on a 1″-2″ layer of stone across the surface. When used as a lawn replacement material, or when used in and around paths and walkways, a depth of 2″-4″ is recommended.

In order to determine your need, you’ll need to multiply the length of the coverage area by its width and the desired depth. This will tell you the volume of material that is required in cubic feet. If there’s any doubt, it’s smart to consult with a trusted lava rock supplier to calculate your need.

You may also want to consider padding your order with a little more stone than you think you require in order to ensure that you don’t come up short when executing your project. Any extra material that is left over can be kept on hand for future projects, or to fill in areas of your landscape where lava rocks may become displaced in the future.

Lava Rock Delivery

Because the majority of landscaping projects will require a high volume of lava rocks to complete, it’s in your best interest to find a stone supplier who is able to bulk deliver to your property. Loading, hauling and unloading the stones on your own can be very time consuming and laborious.

Stone suppliers have the equipment that is needed in order to safely and efficiently handle and deliver lava rocks and other decorative stones. A reliable and trustworthy supplier will work with you and your project needs to ensure that you can work on your own schedule.

Getting the Best Lava Rock Prices in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania

As a leading supplier of decorative stones in northern New Jersey, Braen Supply is able to offer lava rocks at wholesale prices. We’re passionate about the industry which is why we have team members available at all times to assist you with any questions you may have about your project.

We’ve been helping homeowners and contractors for over a decade, giving us insight and expertise with projects of all types and sizes. If you’re looking to start a project with lava rocks in NJ, NY or PA we’d love to speak with you about it.

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