Mulch Near Me: Should I Get A Bulk Delivery Or Bags?

As homeowners and business owners across the country wind down from the warm summer months and begin prepping for fall festivities, many of them will realize that this is the perfect time to enhance the appearance and functionality of their landscape. Even if you’re not planning on making any big changes like installing new flower beds, redesigning the existing exterior of your home or business, or making other changes to the landscape, now is a great time to handle a little lawn maintenance to keep your landscape looking incredible.

Many people will be turning to the use of mulch because it is the most affordable, yet effective, way to improve your landscape’s soil and keep your vegetation flourishing throughout the year. Once you’ve finished the task at hand, your landscape will look more attractive, be better protected from pests, and gain both curb appeal and value. The question that many homeowners and business owners must ask themselves is whether they should purchase mulch in bulk or in bags. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of mulch, explain where you can find the material, whether bulk or bagged is better for you, and how to calculate the required amount.

Benefits of Bulk and Bagged Mulch

Before we get into the bulk mulch versus bagged mulch discussion, it’s important to understand the common benefits of mulch. Here are a few benefits that make mulch an effective landscape material:

  • Improve Soil Temperature — For plants to grow properly, it is imperative that you help the soil maintain a comfortable temperature. Mulch does a great job at preventing the sun from heating up the ground too much, which can hurt the vegetation.
  • Improve Soil Moisture Levels — In addition to a proper temperature, your soil must have the right amount of moisture for healthy growth. Mulch will help your soil retain moisture after every watering by acting as a barrier between the sun and the soil.
  • Prevents Weed Growth — As everyone knows, weeds are unsightly and will detract from the beauty of your landscape. Mulch is quite effective in deterring the growth and spread of weeds so that you won’t have to worry about them.
  • Pest Control — Pests such as insects and rodents will often invade your landscape and burrow near your vegetation or make a snack out of it. These critters don’t like the aroma of certain types of mulch, which makes it a great deterrent for these pests.
  • Better Appearance — While mulch won’t add to the beauty of your landscape like shrubs and flowers do, it definitely adds a bit of decorative flair. In fact, thanks to mulch’s muted colors, your flowers and other vegetation will often seem to stand out.

Where to Find Mulch Near You

When you begin a project and decide that mulch is needed, the first thing you’ll want to do is hunt down a reputable seller of the material. Mulch isn’t a difficult material to locate, as you can find it in many local stores that carry gardening products or even online. However, it’s advisable that you purchase all landscaping materials through a specialty supplier because of the professional element. You want to go through a supplier who has been in business for a while, because they will employ experts in the field who can answer any questions you may have about the materials to be used for a particular project, how to properly use the materials, and various landscaping design elements. A reputable dealer will be able to help you out before a project begins, while you’re in the middle of it, and after it has been completed. This is an indispensable element that you simply can’t get through retailers or online outlets.

Bulk Mulch vs. Bagged Mulch

Whether you choose to purchase your mulch in bulk or in bags primarily depends on the project you’re planning to undertake. The obvious point to make here is that large landscaping projects will need a larger supply of the material. In these situations, it would be a good idea to purchase your mulch in bulk, which will make it easier to deal with and more cost-effective. However, if you’re working on a small or medium-sized project, you’ll discover that bags are the perfect solution because they are easy and safe to utilize throughout the project. That being said, some seasoned homeowners or business owners who have completed projects in the past may choose bags for big jobs, too, because they can be ordered per pallet. If you’re in doubt for your particular project, never be afraid to ask a reputable supplier.

Calculating Your Mulch Needs

Before you decide between bulk and bagged mulch, you’ll want to figure out exactly how much mulch will be required for the project. For this part of the process, you’ll want to measure the areas where the mulch will be used, including the length and and width of each area, and then add up the measurements of each area. Regarding the depth, the general rule of thumb is three inches to receive the best results. What you ultimately need to figure out is how many cubic yards of mulch will be required. Once you have those numbers, you can either use an online calculator to figure out how much mulch is needed or consult a reputable supplier for assistance.

Mulch Near Me for Sale in New Jersey

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