Top 3 Ways to Incorporate Belgard Tandem Wall into Your New Jersey Landscape

What’s missing from your landscape? If you feel like your property lacks that “je ne sais quoi” that would make it truly sophisticated and original, we suggest taking a look at the Tandem® Wall collection from Belgard.

As one of the leading hardscaping manufacturers in the nation, Belgard is known for crafting high quality, affordable masonry materials that add value and intrigue to homes and landscapes of all sorts.

The Tandem Wall collection does not disappoint, and it is versatile enough that it can be worked into any design style or theme.

Belgard Tandem® Wall At-A-Glance

Belgard believes in making it possible for homeowners to enjoy the look and feel of natural stone on a budget. Through the careful design and manipulation of concrete materials, the engineers at Belgard are able to produce stunning wall “stones” that look and function just like the real thing – but for a fraction of the cost.

The Tandem® Wall collection offers one of Belgard’s most natural vibes. At first glance, you’ll notice the incredible texturing of the wall blocks.

The smooth ridges and recessions will capture your imagination and make it impossible for you to recognize that the blocks are actually made from concrete. Soothing and neutral, yet visually stimulating colors complete the look.

Users can choose from six different color families, depending on their individual tastes. Shades range from warm browns and tans to cool grays and beiges. It’s easy to create a custom look with these amazing “stones”.

In addition to looking fabulous, the Tandem® Wall collection by Belgard is designed with durability, longevity and functionality in mind. When constructing a wall, you need to be able to count on the fact that your materials will be story and reliable, and Belgard offers just that.

Many NJ homeowners select Tandem® Wall for the construction of retaining walls because they are strong enough to withstand the lateral pressure placed on them by the soil behind, and thus are able to hold their position and prevent erosion throughout the property. They are able to withstand the elements and require very little maintenance.

3 Great Ideas for Incorporating Belgard Tandem® Wall Into Your Landscape

Now that you know what the Belgard Tandem® Wall collection is all about, you’re eager to come up with a plan for pulling off the look within your own landscape.

Because the “stone” blocks are so versatile, it’s quite simple to create a look that is absolutely stunning without investing too much of your time or money.

For inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of our top three favorite ways to incorporate the Belgard Tandem® Wall collection into your NJ landscape or hardscape.

1. Tiered Gardening

The Belgard Tandem® Wall collection is a popular choice for constructing retaining wall systems in NJ because the blocks are so tough and durable while also offering a touch of sophistication and elegance to the landscape.

Instead of just building a wall that will prevent soil erosion, though, why not use the construction of multiple retaining walls to help you level off sloped areas of your property and convert them into usable space? This will improve the aesthetic of your entire property and increase its overall value.

One of the best ways to pull this off is to create different “levels” or “tiers” of land between walls at varying elevations throughout the property. The Tandem® Collection really lends itself to a layered look because of the interesting patterns, unique coloring and rich texturing that it has to offer.

Whether you prefer earthy tones or cooler shades, you’ll find that you can really bring out the best in these amazing stones by using the leveled land as a space for growing flowers, or to do your other gardening. The vibrant and bold colors of the vegetation will be enhanced by the look of the “stones”, and your entire landscape will stand out from others on the street.

2. Stunning Staircases

Many homes in NJ feature properties that have some slight hills or slopes that lend themselves to the need for staircases. Whether the stairs are leading from the sidewalk to your front door, or are connecting two different areas of your backyard together, you want them to look elegant and to blend in with the scope of your other landscaping and hardscaping features.

Both natural stone and concrete staircases can be tremendously enhanced and complimented by Belgard Tandem® Wall blocks. The chic, upscale nature of the wall collection brings a little something extra to your staircase and helps it to match the general tone of your property.

It will also make a bolder and more lasting impression on your guests, as the wall adds to the strength of the staircase. The Belgard Tandem® collection can be arranged in multiple ways, depending on your needs and tastes.

This means that whether you prefer straight edges and clean lines or would like a more rounded look for your wall, you’ll be able to achieve it. Generally, we believe it can be very interesting to pair curved staircases with straight walls, and vise-versa as this adds a lot more geometrical juxtaposition and interest to the area.

3. A Cozy Place to Gather

Every NJ homeowner loves the idea of creating an outdoor living space where he or she can relax and unwind at the end of a long day or stressful week of work. Outdoor living rooms and outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and these spaces begin with a beautiful natural stone, concrete, or porcelain “floor”.

While this is a great start, though, a growing number of people are making the decision to really complete the look and feel of a cozy, semi-private outdoor living space by surrounding the area with a Belgard Tandem® wall.

Again, depending on individual needs and tastes, the wall can be curved or straight. In either case, though, a wall creates a more contained and intimate environment that lends itself to building relationships, enjoying thought-provoking conversations and completely relaxing in your own backyard oasis.

Regardless of the other landscaping and hardscaping materials used within your outdoor living space, the colors and textures associated with the Belgard Tandem® Wall collection will look fantastic.

Working with The Belgard Tandem® Wall Collection in NJ

If you’re interested in working with the beautiful concrete blocks from the Belgard Tandem® Wall collection, Braen Supply has all of your needs covered. As a Belgard Authorized Dealer, we carry a full inventory of Tandem® Wall “stones” in all colors and styles available.

Feel free to check out our showroom for more inspiration on how to put together a look that you’ll love, or talk to one of our experts for tips or advice on design and construction. Our Belgard wall materials are always available to our clients  at the lowest prices in the Tri-State area.

Feel free to pick up your materials at your own convenience, or talk to us about having them bulk delivered to locations throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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