Where to Buy Outdoor Grilling Accessories in NJ

Truly, is there anything better than grilling outside on a spring, summer, or fall evening? Grilling is healthier and tastier than traditional cooking, it offers easier cleanup and it creates an all-around environment of fun and togetherness for you and your loved ones.

Getting your outdoor grilling space just right, then, should be a top priority for anyone who enjoys spending time cooking outdoors. How does your current grilling situation stack up? If you feel like there’s room for improvement, we’ve got a list of great ideas for accessorizing and upgrading your outdoor grilling space on a budget that works for you.

Start With the Right Grill

Before you can go out and buy grill accessories, you need to have the right grill. Maybe you’ve got an old tripod, charcoal grill that’s been collecting dust for awhile.

You can trust us on the fact that that’s not going to cut it. If you’re really serious about using your outdoor cooking space to grill up healthy and delicious meals for you and your family, we suggest looking for something larger, sturdier and built to last.

Accessorize and Upgrade Your Grilling Area

Now that you’ve got the best grill, you’re ready to start customizing your outdoor cooking space and turning it into something truly special. Consider incorporating the following elements into your outdoor grilling area:


Many NJ homeowners find it desirable to either build stunning countertops up around their grill on a separate island, or to build the grill into an all-in-one grill island. We recommend working with beautiful granite slabs for this purpose.

Granite looks absolutely stunning when contrasted against a grill, and it’s also very practical for cooking. The granite isn’t porous and therefore doesn’t tend to retain bacteria from meat and doesn’t stain easily. It’s extremely easy to clean, and it will continue to remain cool and comfortable to the touch even when the grilling area around it becomes very hot.

You might also choose from countertops made from other stone, like limestone, but our top pick for beauty, affordability and practicality is granite. Talk to a professional for more details about this.


Prep and cook your meals all in the same space. With a beautiful outdoor sink built into your countertops, you’ll find it easy to go from one thing to another with the greatest of ease.


Stop running back and forth from your outdoor grill to your indoor kitchen in order to get meat, veggies and other items from your refrigerator. Those who are truly dedicated to the idea of cooking outdoors will appreciate the ability to accessorize and enhance their grill’s capabilities by installing a stainless steel outdoor fridge for convenience.

Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are becoming increasingly popular in NJ outdoor living spaces, and they really are the perfect compliment to your grill. Imagine being able to wow your guests with a freshly made barbecue chicken pizza.

Especially since the chicken was grilled up on your grill and then transferred to the dough, sauce and cheese in your pizza oven. Or you could use the pizza oven to oven-roast vegetables to be served as a side with your mid-rare steaks.

The options are limitless. On top of everything else, a pizza oven just adds an even more sophisticated quality to your outdoor grilling space.


Sometimes it’s nice to be able to panfry a side dish to accompany your incredible grilling meat selection. For this, we recommend looking for a multi-gas burner system that can be installed directly on top of any neighboring countertops or grill island space.

We also suggest that you look for burners in a color that will match with the grill and any other cooking appliances and accessories to ensure that you have a uniformly beautiful space.

Tips for Finding the Best Grill Accessories Supplier

Now that you know what will work for enhancing your outdoor grilling space, you need to know how to find the right supplier for all of your cool accessories and upgrades. Here are a few tips for finding the right place:

Lifestyle Focused

Sometimes you’ll find a huge chain store or warehouse that sells grills and accessories. You’ll have to sort through a sea of clothes, food and indoor appliances to find what you’re looking for.

These are the stores that sell just a little bit of everything, but aren’t actually focused on anything specific. The problem here is that you won’t find the variety or quality of materials that you deserve for a truly stunning outdoor cooking space.

Also, the sales representatives won’t be as knowledgeable on the subject of outdoor living. Look instead for a supplier that is fully focused on outdoor living and will be able to offer the materials and attention to detail that you need.

One-Stop Shop

Another smart idea is to look for a grilling supplier that can provide an all-in-one solution for your needs and desires.

Instead of going to Store A to buy a grill, Store B to find the right countertop and Store C for an outdoor fridge, make sure that your supplier can sell you all of the accessories that you’d like to see go along with your grill.

Buying from the same place will likely afford you the lowest bill, but it will also make it easier to find accessories that compliment one another, thus increasing value.

Excellent Customer Service

Always insist upon visiting a grilling supplier that offers incredible customer service. You want your outdoor grilling space to be absolutely perfect when you’re done, and that means working with a company that puts your needs and interests first.

You shouldn’t have to compromise your desires because a pushy sales person wants a higher commission. Instead, it’s about piecing together the grill and accessories that work best for your lifestyle and budget.

Buying Grill Accessories in NJ

Braen Supply specializes in outdoor living solutions that will delight you both now and in the many years ahead. Our grills are a great place to start when setting up a point of interest around other accessories.

This sets you up with the perfect opportunity to construct a fully functional outdoor kitchen and dining space that will enhance your ability to enjoy your time with friends and family while also increasing the value of your home. No matter how big or small you wish to go with your plans, you’ll find everything you need to create a custom space that makes sense for your individual needs.

We’re here to help you make decisions about constructing your perfect kitchen and to answer any questions you may have. Our grills and grilling accessories are always available at the lowest and most competitive prices around. Talk to one of our grilling experts to get started on your project today.

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