Best Passaic County Bagged Rock Salt Buying Guide

passaic-county-bagged-rock-saltWhen those cold winds begin to blow in from the north you can be certain winter is not far behind. While northern New Jersey, specifically Passaic County, is not the North Pole, it gets plenty cold in the area.

Storms often leave the area with snow, ice, sleet and nasty mixes off all kinds. It’s vital to remove this snow from your home or business, so you can move about as normally as possible. Bagged rock salt is the best product to remove snow and ice.

Which Rock Salt is Best?

There is no shortage of snow and ice removal products on the market. Many have different characteristics that serve specific purposes. Following is a list of some of the more common bagged rock salt products and their advantages. (All protect down to temperatures in the -25 degree Fahrenheit range. Most come in 50-lb. bags with 49 or 56 bags per pallet and 16 pallets per truckload.)

  • Ice Patrol – This product is branded as “the economical and effective salt.” It has optimally sized granules for maximum performance. Ice Patrol works great in commercial spreaders and is screened so no gravel is mixed in. The bag has been dehydrated to prevent clumping.
  • Safer Than Salt – “The name says it all” is how this product is showcased. It comes in both a commercial formulation and one for animals. The commercial formula is bright pink, and the one for animals is bright green. You can easily see where you have laid the product down. These are both great for the environment. They are fast-acting and long-lasting. Of course, the “breeders” product is gentle on paws. The animal product does come in 10 lb. jugs. Both are safe for use around children.
  • Environmelt – This melt is “the green solution ice melter.” It is the premiere earth-friendly ice melting product on the market. It is very safe to use around children and pets. This substance provides a protective layer that guards against damage to wood and concrete. Environmelt is much less harmful to grass, trees and shrubs than other products.
  • Calcium Chloride Crystals – This product is billed as “the ultimate calcium chloride-based melter.” This statement is very true about this compound. The crystals provide extra traction control for vehicles and won’t stick to your feet. It has extenders that keeps snow and ice melted longer, keeping it from melting and freezing again. This may truly be the ultimate product in bagged rock salt.
  • Dowflake Xtra – This ice and snow melt product is unique in that it creates heat when it mixes with the elements, making snow and ice melt faster. It also has a large, flat surface that stays put when it is applied. It spread evenly and can reduce salt use by as much as 60 percent. Because of its flat surface, it is incredibly safe in high-traffic areas as the possibility of slipping and falling is greatly decreased.
  • Peladow Calcium Chloride Crystals – This product outperforms all other products in a variety of winter conditions. The crystals also generate heat on contact. It is safe for use on all surfaces and won’t harm your pet’s feet. This product is one of the industry’s best performers.

Bagged Rock Salt – You Have to Have It

When a winter storm dumps snow and ice in the area it is essential to get rid of these in a safe and earth-friendly manner. The products listed above provide a good range of options for removing snow and ice. Choose your bagged rock salt wisely and enjoy a safe winter weather season.