Cambridge Ledgestone Pavers Review

Cambridge Ledgestone Pavers ReviewWhen the best materials are selected and properly installed, paving stones can add a great deal of value to your property. The Ledgestone collection by Cambridge has become increasingly popular in the past several years.

These extraordinary wall pavers are able to add a subtle yet rich beauty to any landscape that’s able to stand on its own while also working in harmony with other features. The versatile pavers will suit your every need on a budget that you can afford. For more details and information, take a look at our full Cambridge pavers review below.

Cambridge Ledgestone Pavers Described

Cambridge Ledgestone pavers are characterized by their rich colors, beautiful texturing and naturalistic appearance. Although the paving stones are manufactured, they are designed to have an organic feel so that you can enjoy the elegance of real stone without having to drain your bank account.

The stones feature a bluestone-like cleft that add dimension and visual intrigue to your project. Various sizes and shapes are available, making it easy to complete the landscaping project of your dreams.

Color Options

Those who work with Cambridge Ledgestone pavers will be able to choose from a number of fabulous color options. This makes it easy to incorporate the materials into your existing landscape. Although certain styles such as onyx and bluestone will tend to feature one solid color, many of the pavers feature a two-toned palette featuring an inviting blend of color.

You’ll be dazzled with the variety of hues that include grays, browns, tans, blues and even variants of red. The smooth integration of multiple colors works to bring out other landscaping features and to capture the eye as each of the ridges and crests of the pavers are able to boldly stand out on their own.


When working with pavers, many home and business owners find themselves concerned with how natural the materials will actually appear.

Cambridge Ledgestone pavers feature irregularly cut edges, peaked ridges and rich folds that add character, warmth and appeal to your wall instead of leaving it to appear cold and commercial. It’s next to impossible to discern these quality pavers from the real thing.

Layout Patterns

Working with Cambridge pavers from the Ledgestone collection makes it possible for you to express your own unique style. Various kits are available to help you to achieve the layout that best suits your needs and desires.

The modular shapes come in various sizes making it easy to create interesting geometrical patterns. There are also kits available for those who prefer a circular layout over a rectangular design.


When it comes to product versatility, Cambridge Ledgestone pavers receive top marks. These incredible materials can be used to fulfill a number of different needs throughout the property, from decorative to functional. The pavers are very strong and durable so that they are able to hold their place while withstanding even the heaviest of traffic.

This makes them ideally suited for paths, walkways, patios, pool decks, surfacing outdoor kitchens and more. Many home and business owners make the decision to install a variety of landscaping features constructed with Ledgestone pavers in order to add cohesion and harmony throughout the property.


Cambridge Ledgestone pavers are extremely cost efficient. These gorgeous materials are generally less expensive than natural stone which will allow you to scale down on your budget without sacrificing beauty or quality. Because the pavers are easy to install, you’ll also be able to minimize your labor costs throughout the installation process.

Cambridge products are manufactured with care so that they are highly durable and weather resistant. This ensures that your wall will last for many years, giving you the most return on your investment. ArmorTec sealing only adds to the longevity of the pavers. Satisfied users agree that the money initially spent on Cambridge Ledgestone pavers ends up being paid back 10-fold in property value.


As with all landscaping materials, Cambridge Ledgestone pavers will need to be carefully maintained in order to preserve their looks and structural integrity. Fortunately, doing so is much easier than you might imagine. For best results, it’s smart to regularly sweep over the surface of the paving stones in order to eliminate dust and debris.

You might also choose to hose down the pavers each month. The pavers with ArmorTec are naturally stain resistant and will resist the impacts of fading and other damages associated with regular exposure to the sun’s UV rays. This same technology makes it possible to shovel atop the pavers and utilize deicers during the winter without the worry of damages.

Reach out to the experts at Braen Supply for more information on the Ledgestone wall pavers collection available from Cambridge. We’re happy to work with you to plan out an affordable project that meets your every desire and need.


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