The 5 Best Patio Materials to Use for Your Outdoor Living Space

NJ homeowners make outdoor living a top priority and that means constructing a functional, beautiful and versatile patio. So how can you build an incredible patio that will meet the needs of you and your loved ones in the many years ahead?

Consider taking a closer look at some of the very best patio materials on the market today so that you can make smart decisions about crafting your dream outdoor living space.

Patio Floor

Of your different outdoor living and patio materials, the items you select to construct your patio floor are arguably the most important. Depending on your unique needs and preferences, you’ll have the freedom to choose from a variety of different material types. Three of our favorites include:

1. Natural Stone Flagging

Natural stone flagging has long been a popular option for those looking to construct a long-lasting and beautiful patio in their backyard. Natural stone is considered to be sophisticated and highly valuable, offering timeless elegance to any landscape or hardscape.

Materials like bluestone are available in numerous different color families and shades and can be cut into geometrical shapes or can feature irregular cuts for an even more natural appearance. It’s easy to create unique and interesting layouts that speak to your individual sense of style.

Natural stone holds up excellently against the changing seasons and elements and it is very easy to care for. This makes it easy to protect your investment in the long run and get the most value for your dollar spent on patio materials.

2. Concrete or Porcelain Pavers

Because natural stone can be a bit pricey, some NJ homeowners make the decision to work with a more affordable alternative: concrete or porcelain pavers. Although these materials are not comprised of natural stone, they are designed, engineered and manufactured to look exactly like the real thing.

Because they are manufactured, they can also offer a sense of uniformity and consistency that natural patio materials just can’t. Although the majority of concrete and porcelain pavers are designed to emulate natural stone, newer products are being designed to look exactly like natural hardwood. This allows for even more style versatility.

Regardless of the color or style of manufactured pavers that you choose to work with, you’ll find that you have countless options when it comes to layouts and configurations and that the patio materials are extremely tough, durable, weather-resistant, long-lasting and low maintenance.

3. Gravel

In recent years, a growing number of NJ homeowners have discovered that gravel can be a great alternative to pavers when constructing a beautiful outdoor living space. There are several different types of gravel, including standard crushed aggregate, pea gravel, and white marble chips that can be used to establish a stunning, loose fill patio.

Gravel is extremely affordable and easy to work with and no material makes it simpler to establish outdoor living areas with irregular design layouts. The materials also promote excellent drainage and are not impacted by the extreme weather fluctuations that occur in NJ and the northeast.


Many NJ homeowners like to take their patios to the next level by surrounding the floor area with an attractive edging material. These types of patio materials can help to improve the overall aesthetic of your backyard while improving the value of your home. You might consider working with:

4. Natural Stone

Because natural stone is so beautiful and romantic, there are numerous homeowners that turn to these types of materials for establishing a perimeter around their other patio materials.

Whether the patio materials are fixed in-place pavers or loose fill, they can benefit from an attractive edging material like large river rocks, small boulders or similar natural stone products.

They will highlight the beauty of your patio as a whole and create clean lines that will improve the curb appeal of your home.

5. Brick

Brick is another great masonry material that can be used as an edging material for your patio and other outdoor living spaces.

We love the look of the deep red and brown hues of brick as it creates a border around loose fill materials like pea gravel or even as it acts as a simple perimeter around color-rich flagstone materials.

Brick is extremely affordable and versatile, can be arranged into numerous different shapes, is weather tolerant and requires very little maintenance.


If you want to make your patio more than just a patio, we suggest incorporating exciting elements that will make you and your guests feel relaxed and at home. Some of the most popular patio materials used as extras or “luxury add ons” include:

6. Fire Features

Fire features are the crowning jewel of any modern outdoor living space. Your patio can become a welcoming and cozy environment for you, your family, your friends and your neighbors by simply incorporating a stunning outdoor fireplace or a charming yet sophisticated fire pit.

Outdoor fireplaces can be constructed of natural stone, veneers, brick or even manufactured “stone” kits that are designed to blend with and accentuate the beauty of your patio floor, patio edging and other patio materials. Fire pits, too, can add a stunning focal point to your outdoor living space that will allow the celebration to linger even longer into the night.

Regardless of the type of fire feature you choose for your patio, you’ll find that you’ll extend the amount of time in which you can enjoy your outdoor living space, as the warmth and light of the fire will allow you to spend time on your patio even late into the autumn months.

7. Cooking Features

Make your patio the place to be for a weekend barbecue or a big celebration by incorporating cooking and kitchen features. The patio materials we sell are designed to look excellent when paired up with features like outdoor pizza ovens and complete outdoor cooking islands that feature stainless steel appliances and everything you need to whip up an incredible meal.

Whether you’re working with natural stone or manufactured materials, you’ll find that your outdoor kitchen and patio will look cohesive and beautiful and that your outdoor kitchen will only add to the value of your home. Outdoor kitchen and cooking features are weather-resistant, heat-resistant and easy to take care of – even after a big spill.

Buying Patio Materials in NJ

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