Where Can I Buy Paver Sand in NJ?

Buy Paver Sand in NJAre you planning to install a new patio, walkway, driveway or other similar surface in the near future? Stone pavers are extremely popular for purposes like these because they are extremely attractive and sophisticated.

They offer endless design and pattern options, are weather-resistant and are very long-lasting and durable.

In order to ensure that your stone paver surface maintains its beauty and integrity, it’s smart to fill the gaps between stones with paver sand.

To help you get the most out of your paver project we decided to breakdown what paver sand is, why it’s so important and where you can buy it in NJ.

What is Paver Sand?

Polymeric paver sand is a mixture of graded sand and a polymer compound which serves as a binder. This particular type of paver sand was developed in 1999 specifically for the purpose of filling in the joints between stone pavers.

Since it’s introduction to the market, polymeric paver sand has completely transformed the process of installing paving stones.

After placing the paver sand on top of the stone pavers, it is then carefully spread and worked into the cracks. From here, the sand must be sprayed down in order for the binder to activate and harden.

Why Should I Use Paver Sand?

Choosing not to use paver sand to fill in the gaps can lead to weed growth in addition to unsafe conditions. These conditions can arise as water accesses the gaps in the pavers, as it can wash away the base beneath the stones, causing them to sink or shift away from one another.

The material holds up against the elements, which means that it doesn’t have to be replaced frequently like other materials that may wash away in a heavy storm.

Finally, polymeric sand is low-maintenance and is strong enough to be power washed.

Where in NJ Should I Purchase Paver Sand?

In order for you to fully enjoy the many advantages that polymeric paving sand has to offer, you’ll need to purchase the material from a supplier that you can count on for superior products, service and prices.

You may find that paver sand can be purchased from chain retailers or online, but this may not be the smartest route.

There are a number of different formulas for developing polymer sand, with both organic and inorganic compounds being used as the binder.

It’s smart to buy from a supplier who’s familiar with the paver sand that it sells, as they can advise you of what the mixture is composed of.

Paver Sand in NJ

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