Outdoor Pavers for Patios in Passaic County, NJ

The weather may be cold at the moment, but spring will be here before you know it, and with that comes the desire to spend some time in the sun and fresh air. For many, this means gathering with loved ones around an outdoor patio.

If you’ve ever dreamt of sunbathing or grilling out on a patio of your own, the time to start planning is now!

Before deciding on anything else, though, you need to settle on the right materials for your patio installation. We strongly suggest that you consider working with manufactured stone pavers.

This post will highlight everything you need to know about paver stones, how they can work to your advantage, how to get the most out of your investment and where to go to buy your materials in Passaic County, NJ.

Manufactured Stone Pavers vs Natural Stone: What’s the Difference?

We receive a lot of inquiries from our customers about what paver stones actually are, and how they differ from their natural stone counterparts. One of the primary concerns that people have about working with manufactured pavers is that the quality of materials may suffer.

We can assure you that this is not the case. In fact, manufactured and natural pavers are nearly identical in terms of their quality, strength, durability and value.

The real differences come from the production processes. While natural stone is quarried and cut directly from the source, manufactured paver stones are specifically engineered to desired shapes, textures, colors, sizes, etc. This means that all variables are eliminated and users can expect complete consistency from one stone paver to the next.

The end result is that it’s a lot faster and simper to make the pavers, thus lowering both manufacturer and customer costs. It’s for these very reasons that paver stones are often available at a fraction of the cost of natural stone units.

Advantages of Installing a Patio with Manufactured Stone Pavers

There are plenty of reasons why we so often suggest that our customers plan on installing a patio with paver stones. Some of the primary advantages to doing so include:

  • Lower Cost – Of course, the most obvious benefit to working with paver stones is that they are sold at a much lower price point than natural stone materials. It’s easy to install a paver stone patio on nearly any budget without sacrificing the quality or beauty of your outdoor living space.
  • Control Over Appearance – When working with natural stone materials, users are limited to whatever is available at the time. This means that there may be periods when specific colors, styles, and shapes simply aren’t a possibility. Not the case with manufactured paving stones! These units can be engineered to meet any and all of your desires in terms of appearance.
  • Freedom in Design/Layout – No one wants to be boxed into a corner when it comes to planning the design and layout of their new outdoor patio. If you’re hoping for a space that is uniquely yours, you want to be able to decide exactly how it should look. Because manufacturers have such control over the shape and cut of these stone pavers, it’s far simpler to plan for any layout, no matter how irregular.
  • Ease of Installation – Paver stones are very easy to work with and install. This not only means that the work can be done much faster and more affordably, but it also means that there will be a higher degree of precision and accuracy throughout the process. Although pavers are simple to install, it is still recommended that you speaking with a contractor before starting your project if you have any doubts or questions. Having a professional installation will almost guarantee a picture perfect installation and will having you enjoy your pavers in no time.
  • Does Not Easily Scratch – When using your patio for entertaining, the stones will frequently subjected to foot traffic, sliding patio chairs, and other moving patio furniture. The good news is that manufactured pavers are designed to withstand all of this wear and tear and will not scratch, crack or chip as a result of your regular usage.
  • Stain Resistant – No need to fret if someone drops a plate of ribs or spills a glass of wine on the surface of your paving stone patio. These materials are frequently engineered to be resistant to staining and can be easily cleaned and treated to prevent any lasting damage or discoloration.
  • Weather Resistant – Here in Passaic County, weather is a common concern for patio pavers. Manufactured paver stones are able to expand and contract with the changing weather, preventing cracks from forming. They also don’t fade when exposed to sunlight, nor do they become discolored when exposed to rain.
  • Offers Excellent Traction – Patios near swimming areas need to offer some degree of safety, and manufactured stone pavers are the perfect solution. Their texturing offers a great deal of natural traction which reduces the likelihood of a slip-and-fall accident. As an added bonus, these paver stones remain cool for bare feet when it’s hot outside.
  • Easy to Care For/Maintain – Other than seal coating and some light maintenance, paver stones require very little care and attention in order to look and function perfectly.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Perhaps one of the most significant advantages to constructing your new outdoor patio with stone pavers is that they are frequently backed by a lifetime warranty. The majority of stone paver manufacturers offer such a warranty on stones so long as they are properly installed and maintained. This means that your patio can be repaired, as needed, at no extra cost to you.

Getting the Most Out of Your Investment in Stone Pavers

After installing your new stone paver patio, you’ll want to properly care for the materials in order to keep them in the best shape possible. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Seal coating – It is strongly recommended that you apply a seal coat to your pavers after the initial installation. After that, it’s wise to re-seal the pavers every 1-2 years. This will help to protect the materials against staining, discoloration and water damages.
  • Debris Removal – It’s wise to sweep the surface of your stone paver patio on a regular basis. This will remove any debris such as sticks, leaves, grass, etc. from between the cracks of each paving stone. It will also prevent any buildup of debris which could begin to decompose and create mold or stains.
  • Stain Removal – Always follow manufacturer instructions before cleaning or attempting to remove any stains from your paving stones. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid any abrasive cleaning products and stick to diluted solutions of water and dish soap. A soft bristled brush should be used to scrub the stone.
  • Winter Care – Take care to verify whether or not rock salt and other ice melting compounds can safely be used on your paver stones before any application.

Where to Buy Outdoor Pavers for Patios in Passaic County, NJ

Braen Supply is the leading supplier of stone pavers for patios in all of Passaic County and its surrounding regions. We carry a massive inventory of paver stones so that you have your pick of the ideal materials for your specific project needs.

Our team of professionals is very familiar with all of the products that we sell and can answer any questions that you may have. Our stone pavers are competitively priced and can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT.

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