Which Rock Salt Doesn’t Track Indoors?

Which Rock Salt Doesn't Track Indoors?Any home or business owner that lives in an area prone to freezing temperatures knows that rock salt is a “must have” item throughout the winter months.

Left untreated, sidewalks, parking lots, roadways and other surfaces can develop a layer of ice that will yield hazardous conditions.

Rock salt and other de-icers can improve traction while also lowering the freezing temperature of water, ensuring that your property is safer for foot and vehicular traffic.

One problem that people have with these products, though, comes when visitors track rock salt indoors.

This can cause an unsightly film across flooring and can even cause damage to carpets, rugs, tile and similar materials.

The good news is that there are ice melting products that are designed to minimize tracking while still working efficiently and effectively.

Here are a few tips for keeping your rock salt outdoors where it belongs.

Know Your Temperature Needs

There’s a rock salt to suit every need, whether for environments regularly exposed to extreme cold, or those with milder winter temperatures. Here in the northeastern states, temperatures frequently drop below the freezing point, making exothermic ice melts the best option.

These types of de-icers release heat to more quickly break up ice and prevent future formations. These properties mean that you’ll need to use less material in order to achieve the desired result. Using a slower-acting rock salt or one that doesn’t work in very low temperatures might result in overuse which will increase the likelihood of tracking rock salt indoors.

Product Composition

When buying rock salt, always take a look at the composition of the product you’re intending to use. While many types of ice melting materials tend to dry to a powdery white residue, you’ll find that both magnesium chloride and calcium chloride tend to leave a clear brine solution.

As a result, rock salt that is comprised of these naturally occurring chlorides is less likely to be tracked, and is less noticeable in appearance.

Proper Application Techniques

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when applying rock salt is using too much. The idea is that if a little bit of ice melt can help, spreading a lot of it must be even better. In reality, this isn’t the case. According to the senior marketing manager for The Dow Chemical Company, “Excessive application rates do not improve performance.”

In fact, all of that over-application will cause you to run out of the product faster, spend more money, and open up the door to allow more rock salt to be tracked indoors.

To avoid spreading too much ice melt, it’s important to carefully read manufacturer instructions. This will let you know how much material should be spread per a given area, and the best methods for spreading the rock salt evenly.

In addition to this, it’s important to apply the material only to the surface of a walkway, driveway or parking lot. When spread on top of snow, it will be ineffective and will only create a mess and the potential for tracking when the weather warms up.

Using Colored Pellets

To make sure that you’re over applying rock salt to your surfaces, it’s a good idea to consider utilizing colored ice melting products. This makes it easier to see where the product has been spread and allows you to use the rock salt with increased accuracy.

Work With the Professionals

If you have any doubts about which type of ice melt to purchase, it’s smart to discuss your options with an industry professional. This is also a good idea for those who need their rock salt to serve multiple functions.

Perhaps you want to find a material that will be safe for pets in addition to preventing others from tracking rock salt indoors. An expert, like those here at Braen Supply, will be familiar with many different products and will have the ability to quickly point you in the right direction.

You’ll find that our team at Braen Supply is passionate about ensuring that all of your needs are met – all winter long. We can offer valuable advice and provide bulk delivery services to your location at a competitive price. Talk to us today about which rock salt is best for you, and feel free to ask about having your bulk order delivered throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT.