Rock Salt vs. Calcium Chloride: The Pro’s Review

Rock Salt vs. Calcium Chloride- The Pro's ReviewIn areas where snow and ice need to be removed from driveways and other surfaces the type of ice melt you use depends on several factors.

In northern New Jersey, the winter season will blast the area with ice and snow. A good product to remove ice and snow from surfaces around your home or business is essential.

Rock Salt vs. Calcium Chloride

It basically comes down to rock salt vs. calcium chloride when choosing an ice and snow removal product.

Rock salt is the more common name for sodium chloride. Both products have their advantages and disadvantages.

Characteristics of Ice and Snow Removal Products

The table below shows the unique properties of both.

Rock Salt Calcium Chloride
Effective to 25 degrees Farenheight Effective to -20 degrees Farenheight
Melts material slower than calcium chloride Melts material faster than sodium chloride
Keeps surfaces dry Attracts moisture
Corrosive Non-corrosive
Harmful to vegetation Will not harm vegetation
Harmful to pets and other animals Harmful to pets and other animals
Significantly less expensive than calcium chloride Significantly more expensive than sodium chloride


Where to Buy Rock Salt & Calcium Chloride?

In the northern New Jersey area, including some surrounding areas in Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut, the best, and really only choice, for ice and snow removal products is Braen Supply.

Advantages of Dealing with Braen Supply

There are some definite advantages to buying from Braen. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Their many years in business has shown they are dependable and will be there when you need them.
  • A big array of rock salt and calcium chloride products will ensure you find the product that best suits your needs, including ones that are pet and environmentally friendly.
  • Bulk delivery is available in all of New Jersey and depending on the amount needed, in areas of Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York, including the New York City area.
  • For home and business owners, pickup is available.

What Rock Salt Product Do I Need?

Using the chart above may help you decide what product you need. In the end if may just depend on personal preference. If you have any questions or concerns about any ice and snow melt product you can discuss those with the experts at Braen.

If cost is your primary concern rock salt, or sodium chloride, may be your best choice. If very cold weather is forecasted, calcium chloride may work better for you. Again, if you have any doubt ask the experts at Braen for a recommendation.

Rock Salt vs. Calcium Chloride – Choose the Best For You

In northern New Jersey and surrounding areas you are going to have to deal with removing ice and snow this winter. Your best choice is to do business with Braen Supply. The company has the expertise and a wide range of rock salt products to take care of any needs you may have.

You will have to decide on whether to use rock salt vs. calcium chloride for ice and snow removal. Braen’s experts will take care of you.

Photo is Courtesy of Chemistry Land.