Take Your Backyard Up a Notch With These Must-Have Techo-Bloc Outdoor Accessories

There are few things as wonderful as kicking back and relaxing in your backyard on a beautiful day. While even a simple patio can create a serene outdoor living space where you can sip on iced tea and enjoy a good book, though, your backyard has so much more potential! Techo-Bloc offers an incredible line of products and accessories that make it possible for you to take your outdoor living area to the next level and be the envy of your friends and neighbors – on a budget you can afford. Here’s a look at some of our favorite Techo-Bloc accessories that will make your backyard the coolest hangout on the block.

Grill Islands

Tacky, clunky grills are a thing of the past. Today, NJ homeowners are cooking up incredible meals in their own outdoor kitchens, and Techo-Bloc grill islands make that possible. These sleek and fully functional islands can be installed as an attractive, standalone unit, or can be built into wraparound kitchens, bars, and dining areas. This is the all-inclusive way to prepare, cook, and serve meals while enjoying the company of your loved ones on a gorgeous summer or fall evening.

Pizza Ovens

In addition to installing grill islands, a growing number of people are gaining interest in Techo-Bloc pizza ovens. These ovens are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are huge crowd pleasers. You can cook and roast mouth-watering meals with the perfect degree of crispness and classic flavor. The ovens can easily be built into any Techo-Bloc kitchen plan, as they look fabulous when paired with a number of Techo-Bloc landscaping and hardscaping products.


If you love spending time with your family and friends in the backyard, you should give some thought to installing your very own Techo-Bloc outdoor fireplace unit. Just like an indoor fireplace, an outdoor fireplace will tie your whole outdoor living room together and will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for you and your family or guests to enjoy. Lighting a fire in a stunningly beautiful Techo-Bloc fireplace will allow the conversation and the memory maker to linger a little longer into the night, providing light and warmth after the sun goes down. It’s a “must” for anyone who wants to enjoy more time outside.

Fire Pits

Techo-Bloc fire pits are another fantastic option for those who love the idea of entertaining in their backyards around the dancing flames, well into the evening. A fire pit can create a romantic setting for two, or it can add to the ambiance of a block party or other celebration. Techo-Bloc offers several lovely fire pit kits for you to select from so that you can find the best match for the style and scope of your landscape. Fire pits can be a great addition to an outdoor living or dining area, and can also be situated near a swimming pool so that swimmers can warm up and dry off next to the crackling embers.

Adding Techo-Bloc Accessories to your NJ Home

Braen Supply is the top place to visit when you’re ready to add Techo-Bloc accessories to your backyard. As a leading supplier of Techo-Bloc products, we offer a full inventory of fabulous accessories that will turn your backyard into the paradise of your dreams. Feel free to visit our local showroom to draw inspiration for your project or to talk to an expert about your options. We sell Techo-Bloc accessories at low and competitive prices and offer bulk delivery to areas throughout NJ, NY, and NYC and limited parts of PA, and CT.