The Benefits of Using Provence Slabs Enhanced with Satura Technology

Looking for a fast and affordable way to give your hardscape a much-needed facelift? Belgard’s Provence slabs enhanced with new Satura color technology could be the perfect fit for your property.

These incredibly beautiful and versatile slabs are growing extremely popular throughout NJ as a growing number of homeowners discover and fall in love with them.

But what is it, exactly, that makes Provence slabs with Satura technology so special? See for yourself why so many people are making the decision to work with this Belgard collection.

Provence Slabs At-A-Glance

Before we discuss the details of the Satura technology that serves to enhance Provence slabs, it’s important that you understand what makes the slabs so unique and fabulous on their own. This stunning collection features large, sleek, modular slabs that make it easy to add a touch of sophistication to any property.

Although designed and manufactured from concrete, Provence slabs look and feel just like natural bluestone. The look is accomplished through the rich and detailed texturing that adorns the surface of each paver.

The naturalistic ridges and recessions are visually stimulating and extremely appealing. Provence slabs are available in three different colors, depending on your preferences and needs.

This makes it easy to find slabs that can be incorporated with your existing landscaping and hardscaping features, and that fit in with the style or theme you’re trying to create throughout your landscape.

The slabs can be purposed in numerous ways throughout the property. Some of the most popular uses for Provence slabs with Satura technology include:


People love the cool, smooth and upscale look of Provence slabs when creating a patio for their outdoor living spaces. These slabs are perfect for establishing a lovely and reliable “floor” and will act as the foundation for establishing an inviting and relaxing outdoor living room where you can gather with your friends and loved ones.

Regardless of which color you select for your slabs, you’ll find that it’s easy to incorporate beautiful pieces of patio furniture, plants and other landscaping/hardscaping features.

The pavers offer a unique aesthetic to any space while also remaining classically beautiful so that they’ll continue to look great in the generations ahead – even as design trends change and evolve. In addition to being tough and durable on their own, the Satura color technology treatment also helps to strengthen the slabs for permeance.

Outdoor Kitchens

Preparing and cooking meals outdoors is a luxury that many NJ homeowners simply cannot refuse. Consequently, more and more homeowners are constructing outdoor kitchens, and Provence slabs with Satura technology are the perfect solution for creating a practical and gorgeous floor.

The colors mingle beautifully with outdoor kitchen appliances, and the slabs don’t absorb or retain heat which allows them to stay cool and comfortable – even when the ovens are fired up.

The Satura treatment helps to protect the slabs against staining which means that you don’t need to worry about a thing if you accidentally spill some cooking wine on the ground. Simply blot the stain and scrub it away with a soft brush or cloth and a solution of water and mild detergent.

Pool Decks

Provence slabs are ideal for creating the decks around swimming pools and outdoor hot tubs/jacuzzis. When treated with Satura color technology, these slabs are uniquely suited for providing safe and ideal conditions for swimmers while still preserving the beauty of your hardscape.

Each of the three colors offered within the collection will look absolutely stunning against the waters of your swimming and outdoor bathing areas. While Niagara Gray offers cool sophistication, Black Hills offers summer warmth. Shenandoah Blue acts as a happy medium, allowing you to have your cake and eat it too.

Regardless of which color you select, you’ll find that these slabs offer the texturing required to offer safety and traction when wet, and that they remain cool and comfortable to the touch.


Provence slabs are elegant and sophisticated enough to serve as the entryway to your entire property. The gorgeous slabs will significantly add to the curb appeal of your home, thus increasing value.

Because they are so tough and durable, they are more than capable of withstanding the weight of cars, trucks and other vehicles on an ongoing basis.

They are weather resistant, too, and won’t be subject to cracking or becoming damaged when exposed to wind, rain, direct sunlight, or even the freeze-and-thaw cycles so common here throughout the winter months.


An impressive front courtyard can easily be established with Provence slabs that have been treated with Satura color technology. This space will set the tone for your entire property.

Satura Color Technology: Breakdown and Benefits

As though Provence slabs weren’t fabulous enough on their own, the unique and beloved collection has now been enhanced with Satura technology – a huge improvement.

The new technology offers truly effortless vibrance and beauty to the collection, giving each slab a coloration that is truly identical to that of natural, Pennsylvania bluestone and Midwestern ledge rock.

The result is absolutely incredible. Some of the many benefits associated with working with Provence Slabs treated with Satura color technology include:

  • Natural BeautySatura color technology makes it possible to perfectly recreate the coloration and texturing of natural stone like bluestone and ledge rock. In fact, when you examine a side-by-side comparison of natural stone and concrete slabs that have been color treated with Satura technology, it’s impossible to tell the difference.
  • Vibrance – One incredible thing that you’ll immediately notice about Sahara color technology is that the slabs and pavers treated with this technology offer much more vibrant and vital colors that will capture your imagination and excite you time and again.
  • Consistency – Although Provence slabs with Satura technology are designed to look just like natural stone, they come with the unique advantage of offering total color consistency which just can’t be found in nature. This creates an aesthetically pleasing and uniform look that will delight you and your guests in the many years to come.
  • Long-Lasting Color – Satura color technology treatments are designed to last for the long term. This means that the colors you select for your Provence slabs will be truly set in stone.
  • Stain/Surface Protection -The unique surface coating offered with Satura color technology ensures that the slabs will be much more protected against the threat of fading, staining and efflorescence than ever before.

Working with Provence Slabs with Satura Technology in NJ

NJ Homeowners who are interested in working with Provence Slabs enhanced with Satura color technology will find what they’re looking for at Braen Supply.

As the leading Belgard Authorized Dealer in the region, we are able to offer a full inventory of Satura color-treated Provence Slabs in all three stunning color families. Our Belgard products are available at the lowest and most competitive rates in the Tri-State area.

You can pick up your materials at your convenience or work with us to have them bulk delivered throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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