How Much Snow Will NYC Get in 2015?

Snow in NYC in 2015Everyone knows that winters in NYC are beautiful. Soft blankets of snow cover the sidewalks and reflect lights off of the buildings, icicles dangle from trees and people throw on their scarves to go ice skating at Central Park.

Despite all of this, though, winter can also create problems for those who don’t prepare in advance.

It’s important to anticipate how much precipitation that you should expect throughout the season so that you can purchase all of your winter weather gear ahead of time.

Because experts are predicting a lot of ice and snow in NYC throughout 2014-2015, it’s even more critical that you take steps to ensure that you have all of the essentials on hand when the temperatures start to drop. Are you ready? Read on to learn more about what winter will be like in NYC and what you need to survive it.

Predictions for Snow in NYC

It’s an El Nino year, and weather experts are predicting that the northeastern states will be significantly impacted by this event. Ocean temperatures are always a factor for rain and snow in NYC, and the rising ocean temperatures of the 2014-2015 season will certainly influence weather trends.

Long-range weather predictor Rob Guarino is estimating stop-and-go snow throughout the season. Snowfall may be consistent for 1-2 weeks and then come to a halt before picking up the pace a few weeks later. He estimates an average of 33.7″ of snow in NYC, about 5″ above average.

Predictions for Temperatures in NYC

Expect the unexpected throughout the winter months! While, on average, temperatures may be slightly higher than normal, Guarino believes that extreme fluctuations will occur. We’ll see frigid temperatures one day with relatively pleasant conditions the next.

What This Means for You

The yo-yo weather patterns of this upcoming season mean that Big Apple residents and businesses need to take steps to be fully prepared for anything. Just because it hasn’t snowed in a week or the temperatures have been spring-like one day doesn’t mean that it’s time to put the shovels away and stop being ready for an impending storm. It’s important to have everything that you need on hand in the event that the thermometer readings suddenly plummet and sleet begins to fall.

Stocking up with the required supplies is the safest way to survive a surprise change in weather or a freak storm. Rushing out at the last minute is never a good idea, and could mean that all of the local suppliers may run out of deicers and other winter tools. Make seasonal preparations a priority this year by getting to your supplier earlier and properly storing your supplies until your moment of need.

How to Prepare for Winter Weather

There are certain tools and materials that every New Yorker should have in order to get through the winter months. Rock salt and/or ice melt is one of the most important supplies.

Spreading rock salt across paved surfaces like roads, driveways, sidewalks and parking lots will cause existing snow and ice to melt, and prevent future formations. This minimizes the risk of slip-and-fall injuries or vehicular accidents.

Most bags of rock salt will tell you how much material should be applied per square foot or other unit of measurement, so it’s wise to measure your coverage area and calculate how much you’ll need per winter storm.

This will enable you to buy all of the rock salt that you need to get through the winter. The material should be supplied at or above 20 degrees Fahrenheit and protected against moisture.

In addition to rock salt, you might consider purchasing sand. Spreading sand on paved surfaces improves traction. Those who own rear-wheel drive vehicles could also benefit from placing a bag of sand in their trunks.

Be sure to also make sure that you have shovels and ice scrapers on hand. You might also consider using a salt spreader for more even ice melt applications.

Getting What You Need

To make your life a little easier, it’s smart to look for a supplier that carries all of the winter supplies that you need. Braen Supply is the perfect choice for New Yorkers. We carry a wide variety of rock salt and ice melting materials to ensure that you find a product that is safe for everyone in your life while still working efficiently and effectively.

Our team of experts is happy to discuss your home or business’s specific requirements so that you can purchase your de-icer with total confidence. Our rock salt can be picked up or bulk delivered to your location.

In addition to rock salt, we can also set you up with other seasonal items like snow shovels, salt spreaders, sand and more. We’ll make sure you’re ready for the ice and snow in NYC!

This photo is courtesy of Johan Lange via Flickr. Used in compliance with the creative commons license.