How Much Does It Cost to Install Stone Veneer?

Stone Veneer Install CostWhen considering whether or not to install stone veneer for your home, business or within your landscape you need to evaluate the costs. We’ve spoken with many NJ homeowners and find that most are unsure of the total cost of a stone veneer project.

Regardless of whether you plan to hire a professional for the installation on your behalf, or whether you are going to tackle it as a do-it-yourself project, there are certain factors which can affect your overall stone veneer installation cost.

In order to keep your project as budget-friendly as possible and to yield the highest return on your investment, it’s important that you learn about a few of the factors that could impact your expenses.

The Size & Scope of Your Project

The first thing you’ll need to consider when calculating your stone veneer installation cost is the actual size and scope of your project.

If you’re planning to use the material as a means of veneering a small to mid-sized indoor or outdoor fireplace, you will require far fewer materials and labor than you would if you were planning to veneer your home’s exterior. This must all be factored into length, material and labor costs that will impact your project.

Material Calculations

You’ll need to carefully measure out the dimensions of your coverage area. Once these dimensions have been calculated, you’ll need to consider the size of the veneer you’re planning to use, and what volume of stone veneer materials will be required to fill that coverage area – excluding windows and doors.

Because this can be complicated, it’s often wise to work with a stone veneer professional.

Depending on the veneer material that you choose to work with, you might require a vapor barrier in order to seal moisture out.

You’ll need mortar as a means of actually applying the stone veneer to your home’s exterior, fireplace, or other project area, and you’ll need scrapers and other tools and equipment to clean the veneer of any spillage or excess mortar.

If you’re working with a contractor these items will likely be factored into your total cost with them, however if you are planning to do the project on your own it is important to keep them in mind.

Working With a Stone Veneer Contractor

If you determine that your project is too large to complete on your own or if you’d prefer to work with a contractor you must factor that into your total cost. Although your monetary commitment may rise, you will need to dedicate less time to the project and the contractor will likely be able to complete the project quickly.

Choosing a Stone Veneer Supplier

When evaluating your stone veneer options, it’s important to consider the supplier you are using. The supplier you choose will impact your overall cost, however you shouldn’t let the total cost dictate your project.

You want to consider price secondary only to the quality of service and the materials that the supplier provides you with. You want a supplier who is happy to assist you with any questions you may have in addition to making the process as seamless as possible.

Braen Supply has been working with homeowners and contractors on stone veneer projects for more than a decade. We’re happy to talk with you about your upcoming project and to answer any questions you may have.