Stone Veneer Installation Costs: A Homeowner’s Guide

Stone Veneer Installation CostStone veneers have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Many NJ home and business owners have realized that working with these types of materials can allow them to enjoy all of the beauty of natural stone while minimizing their costs and installation efforts.

Even though this is a viable and budget-friendly solution to construction needs, we still receive a lot of questions from customers who are concerned about stone veneer installation costs.

Although there’s no “one size fits all” answer, there are certain factors that can impact pricing. Understanding these factors can help you to accurately plan out your budget and affordably complete the project of your dreams.

Stone Veneer Type

When selecting a stone veneer for your property, you will have several different options, all with their own cost considerations:

  • Full Stone Veneer – Of the various types of stone veneers available, full stone has historically been the most popular. Manufactured from natural stone, these beautiful veneers are cut to a thickness of 4″ so that users can receive the full benefit of working with one of nature’s most beautiful construction materials at a fraction of the cost. Full stone veneers are thick and sizable enough that they can easily be cut to order for various shaping needs, depending on project requirements.
  • Thin Stone Veneer – Those looking to keep stone veneer installation costs even lower might consider working with a thin stone veneer. As the name suggests, these natural stones are not as thick or as heavy as their 4″ counterparts. Even though the upfront square footage costs of working with these materials may match a full stone veneer, the stones are much faster and easier to install which will significantly scale back your labor expenses.
  • Cultured Stone Veneer – These man-made veneers are manufactured to emulate the real thing while allowing users a lot more control over the look of their construction materials. You’ll be able to choose from the specific colors that match your style needs. In addition to this, cultured stone veneers are the lightest weight veneers available. Not only does this make them much easier to work with and install, but it also makes them less expensive to purchase. You’ll enjoy the greatest amount of creative control for the least expense possible.

Stone Veneer Supplier

You may notice cost variations in stone veneer products based upon the supplier that you visit. For the most part, you’ll find that veneers and other construction materials have a tendency to be more expensive when purchased from nationally recognized big box stores.

These suppliers typically pick up materials from direct manufacturers and then resell them at a higher cost to customers. Direct suppliers that operate within your local area will offer the fairest and most competitive rates while also selling the highest quality materials available.

Project Size and Scope

For obvious reasons, the larger the project, the more materials you can expect to plan on utilizing and thus, the higher the stone veneer installation costs.

What some people fail to take into account, though, is the scope of the work. If you’ve got a difficult project layout, odd angles or tight spaces to work with, you might find that more time and labor are involved. This could definitely impact your budget. Be sure to talk with a professional about what to expect in terms of added costs.

Professional vs. DIY Installation

How will your project be completed? Some skilled do-it-yourself types enjoy getting their hands dirty and installing the stone veneers on their own in order to save money on labor. Most of our customers, though, prefer to hire a professional contractor.

In order to get the best and fairest price, we recommend that you shop around and obtain multiple quotes from installation services. We’re also happy to provide you with recommendations for reputable contractors in the area.


Never forget to think about delivery when estimating your total stone veneer installation costs. For the vast majority of projects, a bulk delivery service will be required to transport your purchased materials from the supplier to your job site.

Do you still have questions about planning out a budget for your project with stone veneers? The experts at Braen Supply are happy to help. Reach out to us today and start talking with a stone specialist about how to turn your dreams into reality.


Photo Courtesy: Rolling Rock Building Stone, Inc.

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