Where Can I Find Stone Veneer For Sale in NJ?

Stone Veneer for Sale in NJThin stone veneer has become a very popular alternative to full stone veneer throughout New Jersey. If you are considering thin stone veneer for your home, you should consider visiting Braen Supply. As the largest stone veneer supplier in NJ, we have a wide variety of veneer available at some of the best prices in the Tri-State Area.

Almost every neighborhood throughout New Jersey stone veneer has become a very popular alternative to other types of finishing products. There are several reasons stone veneer has become so popular with both home and business owners.

The Popularity of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer has taken off, mainly because of the style and elegance it adds to buildings and walls.

Although you have a wide variety of stone veneers to choose from, including full stone, thin stone & cultured stone, they all add a classic look to your home.

The natural stone look and feel adds an unmatched beauty to your landscape and is a look that many people fall in love with.

Those three stone veneer options are favored by different people due to their unique qualities.

Full stone veneer is loved by many because it is much easier to shape and cut into the design you desire. It allows for further customization than its thin stone counterpart.

Thin stone veneer is the go-to choice for many because it allows you to add the natural stone look and feel to places that full-stone can’t be used. It’s size and weight allow it to be installed more quickly and to be used in hard to reach places.

Cultured stone veneer has also grown in popularity as you can choose from a wide variety of color options. As it is a man made veneer it is engineered to emulate natural stone, while allowing you more color and design consistency.

Finding a Stone Veneer Supplier

Finding a great supplier with thin stone veneer for sale is very important. Although you may believe that every supplier is the same, that would be inaccurate.

There are a few key things that separate the good thin veneer suppliers from the great ones.

Great suppliers will have a showroom that will allow you to see many of their veneer offerings instead of forcing you to look at pictures of the product.

Many of these suppliers will also have stock of the products on hand to ensure you can begin your project as quickly as you’d like. These suppliers demonstrate that they care about your project by showing you exactly what you’re getting prior to buying.

Braen Supply is home to the largest showroom in NJ and displays a wide variety of stone veneers for you to see. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best experience possible.

You should also look for a stone veneer supplier who has a knowledgeable and passionate team assisting you.

You want to speak homeowner-to-homeowner, not homeowner-to-salesperson. Our staff will also talk through your project with you as if it was their own, as they have years of industry experience in planning and executing projects like these. We want to treat your project like it was ours, not simply as a sale.

Buying Stone Veneer in NJ

Being the largest supplier of stone veneer in NJ it has allowed us to work with thousands of homeowners, contractors and architects over the past decade. Together we’ve created breathtaking projects and have been able to make homeowners dream landscapes come true.

Our stone veneer is for sale at some of the best prices across the tri-state. We’d love for you to visit our showroom in Wanaque, NJ, to see our offerings first-hand and to speak with one of our team members.