Techo-Bloc Blu Installation Guide: The Foolproof Process

If you’ve fallen in love with the look and vibe of Techo-Bloc Blu pavers and slabs, you’re probably itching to get your landscaping project underway. Before you can dive in and get started on the work, though, you need to have a solid game plan for installing your Techo-Bloc Blu materials. While Techo-Bloc offers a lifetime guarantee on its products, it can only honor warranties where the materials were installed properly, so taking the time to do your research and follow the proper installation procedures is extremely important. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all of the heavy lifting on your own. In order to ease some of the burden, we’ve put together this simple and foolproof guide to installing Techo-Bloc Blu pavers and slabs.


Before you ever start excavating the area where you plan to install Techo-Bloc Blu products, it’s important that you talk with your local utility providers to ensure that you won’t be impacting any underground cables, wires, or pipes. Once you’ve been given the green light, you’ll need to excavate to the appropriate depth. Because this may vary depending on your project’s intended usage, it’s wise to consult with your Techo-Bloc supplier for advice on the right depth for your purposes. Make sure to achieve a slope at a rate of 1.5% in order to allow for proper drainage, and be sure to clear away any roots, rocks, or other debris. The base of the excavated area should be compacted and free of any obstructions.


Next, use 3/4″ crushed stone to create a firm and stable base for your Techo-Bloc Blu slabs and pavers. Again, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional for recommendations on depth. The crushed stone foundation will need to be firmly compacted and tamped down.

Setting Bed

To create a setting bed, lay two 1″ pipes on top of the crushed stone, and then apply concrete sand. Make sure that the sand is level and properly graded. You won’t need to compact the sand during this step.

Installing Techo-Bloc Blu Pavers/Slabs

Once the setting bed has been finished, you’re ready to lay down your Techo-Bloc Blu Pavers or slabs. It’s generally recommended that you start laying down your materials at a 90-degree angle for the highest degree of accuracy and ease. As you proceed, be sure to walk on the pavers which have already been laid down. Fill in any gaps that appear as sand shifts with more concrete sand. When you are done laying down the pavers, you will use a vibrating plate to cause the pavers to settle firmly into place.

Filling the Joints

Using a strong polymer stabilizer, you will fill in the joints between each paver. Be sure to wipe away any excess in order to prevent unwanted sticking or an unsightly mess. Sweep over the surface of the pavers to remove all excess sand and polymer before allowing the finished project to set.

Installing Techo-Bloc Blu in NJ

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