How Techo-Bloc Caps Add a Finishing Touch

After completing your recent Techo-Bloc project, you likely stood back and admired a job well done. The materials look stunning, the craftsmanship is excellent and you can tell that you’re going to start enjoying your hardscape a whole lot more.

Are you completely satisfied at this point, though, or does it seem like something’s missing? While Techo-Bloc products are certainly capable of standing on their own, and many homeowners are happy with their completed projects just as they are, others may feel as though they need something more – that “je ne sais quoi” – to put the finishing touches on everything.

This is where Techo-Bloc caps come into play. Could caps be the icing on the cake for your hardscape? Take a look at what Techo-Bloc caps can do for a property and get inspired by some awesome ways to incorporate caps into your hardscape.

What Are Hardscaping Caps?

 When discussing landscapes and hardscapes, a “cap” refers to a product that has been specifically designed and engineered to rest on top of another hardscaping feature (such as a wall or chimney) in order to complete the look of the project and tie everything together.

Caps are typically made of a similar or identical material to the rest of the materials used for the feature in order to create a look of uniform cohesiveness and to add to the aesthetic value of the property.

Homeowners appreciate the use of caps throughout their landscapes as they create a more polished or finalized look and can add a higher degree of sophistication and elegance to the home. In addition to being very beautiful, Techo-Bloc caps also serve a functional purpose.

The caps are designed to be extremely strong and durable which helps to contribute to the overall structural integrity of the hardscaping feature to which it is affixed.

Simply having a cap in place will help to better hold the materials together, creating a nearly indestructible project that will withstand the tests of time – even when subject to the harsh conditions that Mother Nature may throw its way. All in all, Techo-Bloc caps are a smart and affordable means of improving upon and further enjoying your Techo-Bloc products.     

How Can Techo-Bloc Caps Be Used throughout My Property?

Techo-Bloc caps are designed to increase the beauty and functionality of any hardscape. Some homeowners, though, struggle with the ability to visualize how these caps could enhance their properties. We hope that our readers can draw inspiration from the following suggestions:

Wall Caps

Wall caps make for the perfect way to add a finishing touch to any wall. Whether it be an entry wall, retaining wall, or dividing wall, you’ll find that the stunning Techo-Bloc products used to erect the structure can be further enhanced the moment that caps are applied to the top.

Wall caps can vary slightly in texturing and coloration to create a visual distinction that creates contrast and elegance for the entire hardscaping feature. The wall will also be even sturdier and the caps will increase your home’s curb appeal.

Column Caps

Techo-Bloc columns and pillars are very popular throughout NJ landscaping and hardscaping. Affixing a Techo-Bloc cap to to top of each column or pillar will create a more regal aesthetic, thus addicting to the perceived value of your property.

Mailbox Caps

Many homeowners enjoy the idea of constructing a mailbox post from either natural stone or concrete Techo-Bloc wall stones. Adding a cap is the final “cherry on top” that will take your mailbox from ordinary to extraordinary.

Chimney Caps

Techo-Bloc caps are idea for placement on top of chimneys, not only because they look absolutely stunning, but also because they work to protect your home and preserve the integrity of the chimney itself.

Chimney caps are the number one defense against allowing creatures like birds, bats, or squirrels, from accidentally finding their way inside of your chimney and either becoming trapped, causing damage, or eventually getting into your home. Secondly, Techo-Bloc chimney caps are able to keep moisture out of your chimney.

When it rains or snows in your area, moisture could penetrate the chimney and detract from its strength and durability. The cap acts as an effective barrier, thus extending the life of your chimney.

Finally, chimney caps can add to building safety by preventing floating embers from finding their way outside of the chimney and causing your roofing materials or any neighboring tree branches and/or leaves from catching on fire. Techo-Bloc caps are non combustible, and will therefore not spread or contribute to fire.

How Should I Go about Choosing the Right Techo-Bloc Caps?

 Techo-Bloc customers are able to enjoy the luxury of choosing from a wide range of caps. Techo-Bloc manufactures caps in an array of styles, shapes, textures and colors in order to accommodate the needs of each and every homeowner that is looking for the perfect caps for their hardscaping features.

While many homeowners elect to choose caps that come from the same style family as the other materials that were used for their projects, others like to mix things up and create visual contrast by using different types of materials. When doing this, we suggest that you look for materials that fully contrast against one another.

If the products you use are too similar (yet still have key difference), the completed work may end appearing a bit “off” or unappealing. A good example of “mix and match” project materials and caps would be a sleek wall stone material like Ruffinato paired with a grainier, more textured cap like those from the Architectural family.

We also suggest requesting samples and pairing the two materials of your consideration together in order to determine whether or not you truly like the fit, or consulting with a design specialist for professional input. If you like the idea of creating visual contrast but aren’t too keen on the idea of using multiple styles of Techo-Bloc products, we urge you to consider playing around with color.

Because hardscaping project materials and caps alike come in different shades and colors, you can match up styles without being “too” matchy-matchy with your work. A Brandon wall in Sandlewood, for example, can be sharply contrasted and beautified with Brandon Onyx Black Techo-Bloc caps.   

Buying Techo-Bloc Caps in NJ

Are you ready to add some extra pizzaz to your project with Techo-Bloc caps? Braen Supply is ready to help you find the perfect caps for the job. As authorized Techo-Bloc dealers, we’re able to present our customers with a full inventory of caps in every available style and color.

We also receive the newest caps designed by Techo-Bloc, as they are made available for sale. We’re happy to work with you to determine which caps are right for your property and can provide you with simple installation and maintenance tips.

You’ll always enjoy the lowest and fairest rates on our Techo-Bloc products. Our Techo-Bloc caps can be picked up at your convenience or can be bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.