How to Add Beauty to Your Outdoor Space with Techo-Bloc Edging

Could your landscape use a little “edge”? Driveways, walkways, patios and flower beds can all add a great deal of beauty and value to your property, but by adding Techo-Bloc edging materials to the mix, you can take things to the next level.

So what types of Techo-Bloc edging materials are available, how can they be used within the scope of your property, and how can you make smart decisions about buying and using these materials? These and other questions will be answered in this “tell all” post.

Types of Techo-Bloc Edging Materials

Techo-Bloc designs and manufactures some of the greatest and most beautiful edging materials in the world. Their extensive collection of edging materials includes:


The Avignon collection of Techo-Bloc edging materials feature a rugged rock facing that evokes a true sense of harmony with nature.

The collection is available in several neutral colors including brown, tan, gold and gray, so it’s easy to find a shade that works well with your other landscaping and hardscaping elements. The sturdy edging materials are easy to install and maintain and will continue to meet your needs for a lifetime.


The Belgik collection is the first edging material designed to look and feel just like Belgian Block. The unique edging materials are tall, rough and rugged, offering incredible texturing and extensive protection.

Homeowners will be able to take their pick from a number of intriguing and delightful colors ranging from shades of red to gray to gold.


For a truly unique look for your property, we suggest taking a look at the Borealis collection of Techo-Bloc edges. Instead of emulating natural stone, this line has been engineered to give off the impression that it was crafted from natural hardwood.

When juxtaposed against natural stone, loose fill materials, or concrete pavers, this gives off a truly unique and interesting vibe. The wood effect of the edging material is also a fantastic pick for anyone looking to accentuate their flower beds and gardens.


This play on brick edging puts a modern twist on the traditional masonry while maintaining the sharp edges, rectangular shaping and deep colors that you love most about brick.

The Brandon collection is also great for keeping mulch and other debris where it belongs, and out of your yard, thus reducing your overall level of maintenance. Choose from several different color families to achieve the perfect look for your landscape.


Keep things simple and rustic with the Pierta collection. This collection is slightly more refined than the Belgik family, but still offers very rugged edges and intriguing textures.

The end result is a beautiful curbing and edging material that resembles textured granite. Regardless of which of the six colors you choose from, you’re sure to love the end result.


The Raffinato collection is known for being smooth, sleek and completely polished. Both smooth and polished colors are available in shades of onyx, cream and nickel.

The differences in style and texturing make it easy for you to pull off the landscape of your dreams. The Raffinato collection is a shorter edging material, but it still provides lots of contrast and protection.


Designed in the vein of natural carved stone, the Rocka collection is a truly naturalistic and vibrant Techo-Bloc edging material that provides comprehensive coverage for all of your landscaping elements.


The distinct shape and slope of the Tundra collection is what allows it to truly stand apart from other Techo-Bloc edging materials.

The slight curb of the materials makes it perfect for edging driveways and sidewalks, or even as a means of providing transition capabilities between different levels throughout the property.

Common Uses of Techo-Bloc Edging Materials

You may be wondering exactly where you can use Techo-Bloc edging materials within your own landscape. Some of the most common uses for these versatile and attractive edging materials are:


Many NJ homeowners have discovered the value of installing Techo-Bloc edging materials along the borders of their front driveways. This is not only a smart way to improve the aesthetic appeal and value of your home, but it is also quite practical.

When used as a “curb”, the edging material helps to keep vehicles from driving off the edge off the driveway path and from causing damage to the lawn or other landscaping elements.

A curb can also help to regulate the flow of water and keep it from pooling on the surface of the driveway. Of course, the edging materials also look fabulous. Not only will it stand out on its own, but it will also highlight the materials used for your driveway construction and make your home truly stand out.


Edging materials by Techo-Bloc are also a great fit for any homeowner who is looking to make their landscape’s paths and/or walkways really “pop.” Edging materials are appropriate both for walkways that have been constructed with natural stone or concrete pavers, or from loose fill materials like pea gravel.

In the case of paved walkways, an edging material in a slightly contrasting color or texture can make for a great juxtaposition that will intrigue and delight your guests. For loose-fill walkways, the edging material will not only create beautiful contrasts, but it will also work to ensure that the aggregate materials remain in place.

Flowerbeds and Gardens

If you’ve got a green thumb, chances are that you want to show off the lovely flowers and other plants that you’ve been able to tenderly grow with love and care. One of the best ways to help your plants to stand out while protecting them against any outside threats is to create an attractive boundary for your flower garden with Techo-Bloc edging materials.

The naturalistic concrete blocks will add a great deal of visual interest to the space and will help to break wind, prevent flooding, minimize trampling from foot traffic and even keep unwanted pests at bay.

Loose Fill Patios

Loose fill patios have really taken off in NJ in recent years. This affordable alternative to a paved patio makes it easy for anyone to construct a stunning outdoor living space where lasting memories can be created with family and friends.

The only problem with a loose fill patio is that the aggregate tends to be kicked and shifted around out of place. To prevent this from happening and to keep the patio in the best shape possible, we recommend surrounding the area with a board comprised to Techo-Bloc edging materials.

Installing Techo-Bloc Edging Materials in NJ

Techo-Bloc goes to great lengths to create easy-to-install edging materials that will beautify your landscape. Not only are you able to take advantage of the brand’s user-friendly instructions, but you can also plan ahead by making use of its Designer’s Toolbox, where you can plan out layouts and see how your finished project will look.

As an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer, the experts at Braen Supply are also available to provide you with installation tips, ideas and inspiration. Give us a call or visit our showroom to learn more.

We offer competitive prices on all Techo-Bloc edging materials, and our materials can be bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of NJ & NY and limited parts of PA & CT.

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