What Types of Vendors You Will Find at Techo-Bloc Events

As a contractor, you’ve likely spent a lot of time researching Techo-Bloc products, including what’s available, where to buy Techo-Bloc products and tips for installation. Reading instruction manuals and watching tutorials online can be very helpful.

Visiting a showroom to see how Techo-Bloc products actually look and feel is better. The best thing you can do for your business, though, is to attend Techo-Bloc events or trade shows that features live demonstrations, pro tips and a vendor fair.

This is where you’ll make strong connections with other industry professionals so that you end up with the best materials, tools, and technologies available to help you install Techo-Bloc products quickly and efficiently. Here’s a look at the types of vendors you can expect to encounter at Techo-Bloc events and what you stand to gain from meeting with them.

Sand and Mortar

You can’t install Techo-Bloc pavers and slabs without sand and a reliable mortar (ie: polymeric sand), so it seems only natural that you’d find these types of vendors at Techo-Bloc events.

The vendors with exhibitor booths set up during the trade show are those that have been proven to work well with Techo-Bloc products, providing a natural and reliable bedding upon which you can lay out your pavers and slabs.

They also provide a strong mortar to fill in the joints and continue to keep the individual pavers bonded together – even when subject to heavy usage and harsh conditions. You’ll be able to see firsthand how the products work so that you have the best possible experience.    


Despite the fact that Techo-Bloc products are known for being extremely tough and reliable on their own, there are still those who feel more comfortable and confident when using a sealant after a Techo-Bloc installation. When visiting Techo-Bloc events, then, we would suggest that you take some time out to visit vendors that offer high quality sealant products.

Techo-Bloc invites these types of vendors because their sealants can work in conjunction with the pavers to provide even more strength and reinforcement against the elements, protection against spills or stains and can seal in color even further. The vendors will be able to address your questions about how to use the sealant, which products it works best with and how frequently you’ll need to re-seal.    

Power Tools

When working with Techo-Bloc materials, you may find that power tools are necessary. Take concrete power saws, for instance. Cutting your concrete pavers, blocks, or other materials may be required for you to give your project area a specific look or to make sure that each unit fits perfectly into the project space.

Techo-Bloc events might feature vendors that sell saws for handling tasks like these and will be able to demonstrate how the product should be used in conjunction with Techo-Bloc materials. You’ll find all sorts of helpful tools at a trade show like this.    

Compaction Tools

When installing Techo-Bloc slabs, pavers, steps and kits like fireplaces, you’re going to need to excavate the project area and then prepare a reliable base. This will require you to tamp down the area and compact it thoroughly.

In addition to this, you’ll want to have a means of comparing crushed stone and even the slabs and pavers themselves in order to ensure that they are well set into a bed and will not move or shift out of place.

You can find the easiest and fastest ways to get this part of the job done when you check out the booth of a vendor that sells tools designed for compaction at Techo-Bloc events.  

Lighting Features and Fixtures

Techo-Bloc is known for spectacular hardscaping products that can help homeowners install the outdoor living spaces of their dreams. They can’t get much joy out of their outdoor living spaces after dark, though, unless they also have the right lighting fixtures and systems to keep the area well let and beautiful.

Take a gander at some of the best lighting vendors for complementing Techo-Bloc products. Whether you’d like to add lights to your dining area or want to install pool lights for night simmers, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Techo-Bloc events.    


It’s becoming increasingly popular for NJ property owners to create checkerboard patterns across their landscapes and hardscapes by alternating between Techo-Bloc pavers or slabs and grass. Because you want the grass between pavers to be as vibrant and vital as possible, it’s often advisable that you begin with fresh sod or turf.

For this reason, you’ll find vendors in these fields present at Techo-Bloc events. This will enable you to get a close-up look at the types of sod and/or turf available on the market so that you can create the lush and beautiful grassy patches that your customers will find so desirable after your work has been completed.    


Home and business owners throughout NJ are concerned with irrigation and drainage issues. The last thing they want is for their newly installed driveway or patio to have flooding issues, or for their beautiful slab and grass checkerboard lawn to dry up and become an eyesore.

Techo-Bloc events will introduce you to vendors that can stop these types of problems from ever arising in the first place. You’ll have the opportunity to look at reliable irrigation and sprinkler systems that will keep customer yards in peak health and for drainage systems that will efficiently direct water away from structures and landscaping features and safely back into the groundwater supply.   

Techo-Bloc Event Vendors Complete Your Project

 Each of the different vendors who attend various Techo-Bloc events and shows have something unique to offer contractors and homeowners. These are the companies that provide the materials, tools and equipment required to really pull off your project and ensure that it looks great and functions beautifully.

Whether you’re in need of a reliable mortar to fill in the joints between Techo-Bloc pavers or want to install a reliable drainage system beneath a new Techo-Bloc driveway, you’ll find the help you need from the vendors present at your next Techo-Bloc event.  

An Incredible Vendor In Your Own Backyard

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