Where Can I Buy Mexican Beach Pebbles in NJ?

Mexican Beach Pebbles in NJ and NYWith their sleek and sophisticated appearance, Mexican beach pebbles are an extremely popular choice for NJ homeowners who wish to give their property a new look and feel. These beautiful and versatile stones are not only stunning in appearance, but they can also be used for a wide range of practical functions throughout the landscape.

We’ve spoken with countless NJ homeowners who were interested in using Mexican Beach Pebbles but unsure of where to get them.

That’s why we’ve decided to breakdown how to determine if they’re a good fit for your property, how to find a great supplier and how to find the best prices.

Types of Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mexican beach pebbles come in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 1/2″ all the way up to 10″+. No matter what size these stones are purchased in, they always feature beautiful shades of gray and blue-gray, which may appear black when exposed to water.

They are smooth to the touch and they offer a feel of sophistication. Typically, the smaller stones will be utilized in applications where plants are involved. The smaller size makes them better-suited to act as a replacement for mulch.

Incorporating Mexican Beach Pebbles Into Your NJ Landscape

Homeowners love Mexican beach pebbles because they can be utilized throughout the property in a wide variety of different ways. Not only do the pebbles offer aesthetic appeal, but they are also practical.

One of the most common ways that Mexican beach pebbles are used is in the construction or enhancement of water features.

These stones can work to draw attention to a fountain, in the installation of landscape waterfalls, or as a replacement for sand around a beach or pool. They are also often used in the installation of dry river beds. Not only do these features look stunning, but they also help to divert water safely away from the property.

Many home and property owners also elect to use Mexican beach pebbles as a replacement for mulch. This offers a permanent solution that will help to regulate soil temperatures and moisture content without decomposing or attracting pests.

Mexican beach pebbles are so popular that they may even be used to replace grass and parts of a lawn. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive maintenances, and reduces the amount of chemicals and fertilizers that are introduced into the ground.

It’s also become increasingly popular for homeowners to utilize Mexican beach pebbles in gardening applications. In addition to acting as a replacement for traditional mulch, the stones can be used to fill planters, or to add a decorative beauty to rooftop and “zen” gardens.

The stones also may be used for the construction of paths and walkways, or simply as an edging material for various landscaping features throughout the property.

Mexican Beach Pebble Cost

A primary consideration when estimating the cost of your project with Mexican beach pebbles is that they must be shipped from Mexico. Due to their shipping costs they will likely be more expensive than some of their decorative counterparts, however many homeowners believe the added cost is worthwhile.

You will also need to determine how many stones you will need to fill your intended coverage area. As a rule, you’ll need to multiply the length by the width by the depth of the area to determine your need in cubic yards.

Buying Mexican Beach Pebbles in NJ

Braen Supply has been working with homeowners and contractors and their decorative gravel needs for more than a decade. We are currently one of the largest suppliers of Mexican beach pebbles in NJ.

Due to our lengthy industry experience, our staff is knowledgeable and passionate about the products we sell. As a result, we’re ready and willing to walk you through the process of selecting the right Mexican beach pebbles for your undertaking and in determining the volume of stones that you’ll require.

We offer competitive, wholesale pricing on our products. Mexican beach pebbles may be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT.