What Belgard Hardscape Design Software Can I Use?

Upgrading a home landscape with Belgard pavers and other hardscaping materials is a big deal. Homeowners who make the decision to beautify their properties with these versatile products are making a significant investment in their futures, as they put their hard-earned money towards a project that will shape the look of their home for the many years ahead. 

This means that everything needs to be absolutely perfect, from the layout of the materials to the colors selected, and everything in-between. How can you be sure that you’re making the right decisions when choosing your Belgard materials and creating a hardscape design? 

Contractors and homeowners alike rely on design tools that have been specially developed for landscaping and hardscaping efforts. Being able to use programs like these can make the design and installation process much simpler and more enjoyable than ever before, all while yielding the most positive results possible.

So what types of hardscape design software programs are available to those who plan on working with Belgard products? Instead of hunting the internet for sub-par tools that won’t meet your needs, Belgard users can take advantage of the hardscaping brand’s very own hardscape design software. Read on to learn more.

Why Use Belgard Hardscape Design Software

Some contractors and homeowners may not yet be convinced that they actually need to make use of a hardscape design software tool like the one available through the Belgard website. Why do you need to take the time to learn how to use a software program and develop plans within its scope?

Can’t you just pick the products you like and make them work within your own space? The problem with “winging it” is that you never know exactly what the results will look like.

What looks fantastic in a product showroom, for example, may not translate to your own backyard. The last thing you want is to invest thousands of dollars on pavers or other hardscaping materials that don’t quite mesh with your property’s color scheme or that don’t exactly fit the overall style and tone of your landscape.

This will diminish your perceived value of your home and detract from its curb appeal rather than building it up. A reliable hardscape design software tool will take all of the guesswork out of your project.

Instead of pointing at a showroom design and hoping that it will look as good in your property, you’ll have the ability to actually see how it would fit into the overall plan and design of your landscape. Using a tool like this will empower you to make better choices for your project so that you end up much happier with the final result.

Belgard Hardscape Design Software Capabilities

So what, exactly, can you expect from Belgard hardscape design software? Users will find that the tool is extremely helpful, in a number of ways.

Whether you need some help envisioning how your hardscape should look, or have some pretty creative design ideas of you own, you’ll be able to come up with the perfect plan for your upcoming project by taking advantage of all that Belgard’s design software has to offer.

Free Design Concepts

If design isn’t your forte, or if you’re in need of a little design inspiration, Belgard’s hardscape design software will prove to be a big help. Belgard design experts have worked hard to develop detailed design concepts for homes that will allow you to envision your perfect landscape.

Belgard’s “fly-through” option will allow you to check out the plans from all angles. Here are the hardscaping areas that Belgard has created design concepts for:

  • Outdoor Living Rooms – Many Belgard users are looking to establish outdoor living spaces that they’ll absolutely love – both now and in the future. In response to this need, Belgard has taken the time to come up with some fabulous design concepts that are beautiful and sophisticated, and will last the tests of time. The end result is an outdoor living room that you and your loved ones will enjoy spending time in.
  • Outdoor KitchensOutdoor kitchens are gaining in popularity throughout NJ and the northeast. Belgard has developed some classic outdoor kitchen layouts that employ pavers which are ideal for this specific purpose. Not only will the pavers look great, but they’ll also be highly functional and easy to maintain.
  • Pool Decks – An attractive, paved swimming pool deck is the hallmark of any backyard oasis, and Belgard has you covered yet again.  Their versatile hardscape design software provides users with an array of stunning options for designing a swimming pool deck that will highlight the best features of the swimming area while enhancing the look of the entire home.
  • Driveways – Belgard knows driveways, and has chosen to lend their expertise in this area by generating several incredible paved driveway designs for you to choose from.
  • Walkways – Whether you’re looking to create a whimsical and winding lane through your sprawling gardens, or desire a stately and elegant path that leads directly to your front door, Belgard has come up with a number of options that will speak to your unique sense of style.

Design Your Own

If you’re looking for more specific and personalized design plans, you’ll find that Belgard makes it very simple for you to customize your personal vision for your project. Typically, homeowners will need to pair up with an authorized contractor or landscaping designer in order to embrace this aspect of Belgard’s hardscape design software

Here, you’ll be able to upload your exact project dimensions, your unique sketches and property images and any other information specific to your project. This data will all be applied to your design plans, enabling you to see exactly how certain Belgard pavers and other hardscaping materials would look within the context of your property’s other landscaping and architectural features.

This is the best way to make smart decisions about any design patterns or layouts, as well as about style and color. As in the case of the pre-generated design concepts, you’ll have the ability to “fly through” your 3D design plans to get a comprehensive look at how your finished hardscape will appear – BEFORE moving forward with the installation process.

Planning Your Belgard Project in NJ

If you’re ready to get started on your plans for your upcoming project with Belgard Pavers, be sure to visit the Braen Supply showroom. Braen Supply is a leading supplier and authorized dealer of Belgard Pavers in NJ.

We offer a full inventory of the latest Belgard product offerings, and allow you to get acquainted with how the materials look and function, live and in-person. From here, you can make decisions about which products you’re most interested in so that you can see how they might look within the scope of your project when you use Belgard’s hardscape design software.

We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have, and can help connect homeowners with authorized Belgard contractors for the best possible hardscaping results. Once you’re ready to get your project underway, be sure to talk with our experts about ordering our competitively priced Belgard pavers for pickup or for bulk delivery. We deliver to areas throughout NJ, NY, NYC and PA.
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